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Emergent nonlinear phenomena in Bose-Einstein condensates : theory and experiment
Basic Mean-Field Theory for Bose-Einstein Condensates.- Basic Mean-Field Theory for Bose-Einstein Condensates.- Bright Solitons in Bose-Einstein Condensates.- Bright Solitons in Bose-Einstein
Nonequilibrium dynamics and superfluid ring excitations in binary Bose-Einstein condensates.
This work revisits a classic study of interpenetrating Bose-Einstein condensates in the hyperfine states and observes striking new nonequilibrium component separation dynamics in the form of oscillating ringlike structures.
Stability of attractive Bose-Einstein condensates in a periodic potential.
Using a standing light wave potential, a stable quasi-one-dimensional attractive dilute-gas Bose-Einstein condensate can be realized in a mean-field approximation by the cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation with attractive nonlinearity and an elliptic function potential.
Dynamics of vortex dipoles in confined BoseEinstein condensates
Abstract We present a systematic theoretical analysis of the motion of a pair of straight counter-rotating vortex lines within a trapped Bose–Einstein condensate. We introduce the dynamical equations
Characteristics of two-dimensional quantum turbulence in a compressible superfluid.
This work finds conditions for which small-scale stirring of the condensate generates disordered 2D vortex distributions that dissipatively evolve toward persistent currents, indicating energy transport from small to large length scales.
Precise computations of chemotactic collapse using moving mesh methods
We consider the problem of computing blow-up solutions of chemotaxis systems, or the so-called chemotactic collapse. In two spatial dimensions, such solutions can have approximate self-similar
Modelling Desert Dune Fields Based on Discrete Dynamics
A mathematical formulation is developed to model the dynamics of sand dunes. The physical processes display strong non-linearity that has been taken into account in the model. When assessing the
Simulation of the effect of wind speedup in the formation of transverse dune fields
A computer simulation model for transverse-dune-field dynamics, corresponding to a uni-directional wind regime, is developed. In a previous formulation, two distinct problems were found regarding the
Multistable Solitons in Higher-Dimensional Cubic-Quintic Nonlinear Schrödinger Lattices
Abstract We study the existence, stability, and mobility of fundamental discrete solitons in two- and three-dimensional nonlinear Schrodinger lattices with a combination of cubic self-focusing and