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The isolation of a new hypotensive peptide, neurotensin, from bovine hypothalami.
Abstract A hypotensive peptide, designated neurotensin, has been discovered and isolated in pure form from acid-acetone extracts of bovine hypothalami by column chromatography and paperExpand
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Radioimmunoassay for neurotensin, a hypothalamic peptide.
A highly sensitive and specific radioimmunoassay for neurotensin has been developed which utilizes 125I-labeled neurotensin and rabbit antisera raised toward synthetic neurotensin which has beenExpand
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Neurotensin is a proinflammatory neuropeptide in colonic inflammation.
The neuropeptide neurotensin mediates several intestinal functions, including chloride secretion, motility, and cellular growth. However, whether this peptide participates in intestinal inflammationExpand
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Myocardial preconditioning factors evoke mesenteric ischemic tolerance via opioid receptors and K(ATP) channels.
We have shown that a reverse-phase concentrate generated from the effluent of preconditioned (PC) rabbit hearts evokes a cardioprotective effect in virgin acceptor hearts. With the use of a model ofExpand
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Autoimmune mechanisms as the basis for human peripartum cardiomyopathy
The etiology and mechanisms of pathogenesis of human peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM) remain unknown. The incidence and prevalence of this disease is rare in some parts of the world and more commonExpand
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Involvement of MAP-kinase, PI3-kinase and EGF-receptor in the stimulatory effect of Neurotensin on DNA synthesis in PC3 cells
The mechanism by which neurotensin (NT) promotes the growth of prostate cancer epithelial cells is not yet defined. Here, androgen-independent PC3 cells, which express high levels of the type 1Expand
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Naloxone blocks transferred preconditioning in isolated rabbit hearts.
We have shown that the cardioprotective benefits of ischemic preconditioning (PC) can be transferred from PC to virgin acceptor hearts via coronary effluent transfusion, implicating the presence ofExpand
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Evidence for a neurotensin receptor in rat serosal mast cells
Abstract.Objective and Design: The ability of neurotensin (NT) at nmolar levels to stimulate exocytosis of the mast cell suggested that it could play a role in neuro-immune-endocrine interactions.Expand
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Endogenous neurotensin facilitates visceral nociception and is required for stress-induced antinociception in mice and rats
Central neurotensin (NT) administration can both facilitate and inhibit somatic and visceral nociception, depending on the dose and administration site. NT microinjection in the rostroventral medullaExpand
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The amino acid sequence of a hypothalamic peptide, neurotensin.
The amino acid sequence of neurotensin, a hypotensive peptide isolated from acid-acetone extracts of bovine hypothalami, has been established as less thanExpand
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