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Modelling and study of cyclosporin A and related compounds in complexes with a Trypanosoma cruzi cyclophilin.
Cyclophilins (CyPs) are enzymes involved in protein folding, catalyzing the isomerisation of peptidyl prolyl bonds in proteins and peptides between the cis- and trans-conformations. They are also theExpand
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Analysis of cyclosporin A and a set of analogs as inhibitors of a T. cruzi cyclophilin by docking and molecular dynamics
Cyclophilins (CyPs) are enzymes involved in protein folding. In Trypanosoma cruzi (T. cruzi), the most abundantly expressed CyP is the isoform TcCyP19. It has been shown that TcCyP19 is inhibited byExpand
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Mecanismos que aceleran el envejecimiento: relación de la resistencia a la leptina con la insulínica
Resumen Objetivos la obesidad reduce el potencial de vida y acelera la tasa de envejecimiento biologico. Los factores esencialmente implicados son la resistencia a la insulina, que condiciona laExpand
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Active galactic nuclei in dusty starbursts at z = 2: Feedback still to kick in
We investigate a sample of 152 dusty sources at 1.5 1010 M ⊙ and SFR (~100–1000 M ⊙ yr−1) elevated (>4×) above the star-forming "main sequence," classifying them as starbursts (SBs). Through aExpand
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Caracterisation morphologique, aromatique e moleculaire des cepages de Moscato et recherches sur leurs rapports phylogenetiques
Il existe de nombreux et anciens cepages qui ont la denomination commune de Moscato a cause de leur arome caracteristique. Dans le but d'acquerir une connaissance plus approfondie et de plusExpand
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