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Meaning and Necessity
Logical Syntax of Language
Rudolf Carnap's entire theory of Language structure "came to me," he reports, "like a vision during a sleepless night in January 1931, when I was ill." This theory appeared in The Logical Syntax of
Empiricism , Semantics , and Ontology
Empiricists are in general rather suspicious with respect to any kind of abstract entities like properties, classes, relations, numbers, propositions, etc. They usually feel much more in sympathy
An outline of a theory of semantic information
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Testability and Meaning.
Meaning and necessity : a study in semantics and modal logic
"This book is valuable as expounding in full a theory of meaning that has its roots in the work of Frege and has been of the widest influence. . . . The chief virtue of the book is its systematic
On Inductive Logic
  • R. Carnap
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    Philosophy of Science
  • 1 April 1945
Among the various meanings in which the word 'probability' is used in everyday language, in the discussion of scientists, and in the theories of probability, there are especially two which must be