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The end of medicine
Integrating Molecular Medicine into the US Health‐care System: Opportunities, Barriers, and Policy Challenges
A qualitative interview study is conducted to describe the MM landscape, with an emphasis on eliciting policy recommendations for the field from a broad range of stakeholders in MM and health care. Expand
A Review of Public Policy Issues in Promoting the Development and Commercialization of Pharmacogenomic Applications: Challenges and Implications
This article identifies and analyzes 19 key public policy issues, ranging from the economic incentives for linked diagnostic-drug development, to the regulation of tests and drugs, and to privacy and informed consent, that will shape the development of pharmacogenomics applications. Expand
Health Manpower Licensing and Emerging Institutional Responsibility for the Quality of Care
I am myself persuaded that licensure has reduced both the quantity and quality of medical practice; that it has reduced the opportunities available to people who would like to be physicians, forcingExpand
Holism and reductionism as perspectives in medicine and patient care.
  • R. Carlson
  • Medicine
  • The Western journal of medicine
  • 1 December 1979
Ready for genomic medicine? Perspectives of health care decision makers.
Thrombocytopenia following sustained-release procainamide.
It is believed that thrombocytopenia is an important side effect of sustained-release procainamide therapy and oral prednisone therapy had little apparent benefit. Expand
The Disruptive Nature of Personalized Medicine Technologies: Implications for the Health Care System
  • R. Carlson
  • Medicine
  • Public Health Genomics
  • 1 February 2009
The point is made that the greatest barriers are not necessarily raised by stakeholders but rather arise from the deepening complexity of the science itself, requiring a long-term, large, and consistent research commitment from both the public and private sectors – a commitment made harder by the indisputable need to reform the current health care system. Expand
A review of public policy issues in promoting the development and commercialization of pharmacogenomic applications: challenges and implications.
This article reviews the regulatory, social, policy, and other issues that will shape the development of pharmacogenomics applications. We identify and analyze 19 key public policy issues, rangingExpand