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Europe and the Recognition of New States in Yugoslavia
Acknowledgements Introduction 1. The EC's recognition policy: origins and terms of reference 2. Recognition of states: legal thinking and historic practice 3. International law, internationalExpand
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International governance of war-torn territories : rule and reconstruction
Introduction 1. Forms of International Administration PART 1: INTERNATIONAL ADMINISTRATION IN PRACTICE 2. Public Order and Internal Security 3. Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons 4. CivilExpand
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International Governance of War-Torn Territories
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Costly democracy: peacebuilding and democratization after war
Notes on contributor Michael Clark (MRes, University of Exeter; MSc, University of Bristol) is a doctoral candidate at the University of Cambridge, researching the formulation and development ofExpand
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A New Trusteeship?: The International Administration of War-torn Territories
GLOSSARY INTRODUCTION 1. Forms of International Administration Operational Categories Operational Aims and Contextual Factors Actors and Structures 2. International Administration in PracticeExpand
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International Authority and State Building: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina
State building refers to efforts to reconstruct, or in some cases to establish for the first time, an effective indigenous government in a state or territory where no such capacity exists or whereExpand
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Who guards the guardians? international accountability in Bosnia
This essay discusses the accountability of international actors within the Dayton framework. It argues that the international administration of Bosnia-Herzegovina suffers from an accountabilityExpand
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From collapsing states to neo-trusteeship: the limits to solving the problem of ‘precarious statehood’ in the 21st century
Abstract Is neo-trusteeship an appropriate response to the challenge of ‘precarious statehood’? To the extent that contemporary trusteeship-like arrangements have been at all successful, it isExpand
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Adults with a history of child sexual abuse: evaluation of a pilot therapy service
Abstract Objective: To evaluate a pilot service offering therapy specifically to adults with a history of child sexual abuse. Design: Questionnaire survey. Setting: Specialised therapy unit,Expand
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