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Classics of Mathematics
Springer-Verlag began publishing books in higher mathematics in 1920, when the series Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften, initially conceived as a series of advanced textbooks, was founded
A Contextual History of Mathematics
Leonhard Euler: The First St. Petersburg Years (1727–1741)
Abstract After reconstructing his tutorial with Johann Bernoulli, this article principally investigates the personality and work of Leonhard Euler during his first St. Petersburg years. It explores
Mathematical Masterpieces: Teaching with Original Sources
Our upper-level university honors course, entitled Great Theorems: The Art of Mathematics, views mathematics as art and examines selected mathematical masterpieces from antiquity to the present.
Kant and Newtonian Science: The Pre-Critical Period
NT EWTONIAN IDEAS were vigorously developed and disseminated in Prussia during the mid-eighteenth century. The cental figures in that movement were Maupertuis and Euler, who had been invited to join