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PR_277 : Electric Stimulation for Dysphagia Following Stroke: Pilot Data
Objective: To compare the effectiveness of electric stimulation with traditional dysphagia treatment following an acute stroke. Study Design: Prospective, randomized clinical trial. Setting:Expand
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ESRA19-0424 Pulsed radiofrequency treatment selectively affects small-diameter fibers in both functional and structural assessments
Background and aims Pulsed radiofrequency (PRF) has been shown in structural studies to selectively impact small-diameter fibers. Herein, we demonstrate that PRF attenuates function hosted byExpand
ESRA19-0419 Percutaneous electrical nerve block of acute pain in humans
Background and aims High-frequency electrical stimulation (HFES) delivered to a peripheral nerve through implanted electrodes can reduce chronic pain. However, surgical placement burdens the use ofExpand