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The Geometry of Two‐Weight Codes
On etudie les relations entre les codes [n,k] lineaires a deux poids, les ensembles (n,k,h 1 h 2 ) projectifs et certains graphes fortement reguliers
Compressed Learning : Universal Sparse Dimensionality Reduction and Learning in the Measurement Domain
It is indicated that for a family of well-known compressed sensing matrices, compressed learning is universal, in the sense that learning and classification in the measurement domain works provided that the data are sparse in some, even unknown, basis.
CHIRRUP: a practical algorithm for unsourced multiple access
It is proved that the worst-case complexity of the basic chirp reconstruction algorithm is ${\mathscr{O}}[nK(\log _2^2 n + K)], which makes the reconstruction computationally feasible—a claim supported by reporting computing times for the algorithm.
Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) modulation for millimeter-wave communications systems
Due to the increased demand for data rate, flexibility, and reliability of 5G cellular systems, new modulation formats need to be considered. A recently proposed scheme, Orthogonal Time Frequency
A Survey of Compressed Sensing
The aim of this chapter is to provide an introduction into the basic concepts of compressed sensing, including the Null Space Property, Restricted Isometry Property, their connection to basis pursuit and sparse recovery, and construction of matrices with small restricted isometry constants.
Rate-achievability strategies for two-hop interference flows
This paper proposes several approaches that combine MIMO broadcast strategies (including ldquodirty paperrdquo) with standard non-cooperative strategies for the interference channel, and indicates that these approaches provide substantial benefits at high SNR.