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The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection
PROBABLY most geneticists to-day are some-what sceptical as to the value of the mathematical treatment of their problems. With the deepest respect, and even awe, for that association of complexExpand
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The Theory of the Gene
IN this volume is published the series of lectures on the Silliman Foundation recently given by Prof. Morgan. We are not told when the lectures were delivered, but as the book appeared only duringExpand
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Early days of genetics1
MR CHAIRMAN, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, may I first of all take this opportunity of thanking you for the high honour you did me in recently electing me an honorary member of this Society. Such honours, IExpand
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On some nemerteans from Torres Straits
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Ovists and Animalculists
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An Early Reference to Mendel's Work
THE rediscovery of Mendel's classic “Versuche über Pflanzen-Hybriden” must undoubtedly be attributed to the references made to it by Focke in his “Pflanzenmischlinge” (Berlin, 1881). As Dr. IltisExpand
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Inheritance of Egg-Colour in the ‘Parasitic’ Cuckoos
THE interesting suggestion recently made by Mr. Wynne-Edwards in these columns1 with respect to the inheritance of egg-colour in the ‘parasitic’ cuckoos calls for a few remarks from the geneticalExpand
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XVII.—Note on a Hermaphrodite frog
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