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Molecular hydrogen in the troposphere: Global distribution and budget
Molecular hydrogen (H2) has been measured since 1989 in air samples collected using a globally distributed sampling network. Time series from 50 locations are used to better define the distributionExpand
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D-branes and spinning black holes
Abstract We obtain a new class of spinning charged extremal black holes in five dimensions, considered both as classical configurations and in the Dirichlet (D)-brane representation. The degeneracyExpand
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Reanalysis of tropospheric CO trends: Effects of the 1997–1998 wildfires
[1] For the past decade NOAA/CMDL has measured tropospheric carbon monoxide from a global network of sampling sites. The resulting data set provides an internally consistent picture of CO in theExpand
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Black holes of D = 5 supergravity
We discuss some general features of black holes of five-dimensional supergravity, such as the first law of black hole mechanics. We also discuss some special features of rotating supersymmetric blackExpand
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Tropospheric SF6: Observed latitudinal distribution and trends, derived emissions and interhemispheric exchange time
Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), an anthropogentically produced compound that is a potent greenhouse gas, has been measured in a number of NOAA GMDL air sampling programs. These include high resolutionExpand
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Black holes radiate mainly on the brane.
We examine the evaporation of a small black hole on a brane in a world with large extra dimensions. Since the masses of many Kaluza-Klein modes are much smaller than the Hawking temperature of theExpand
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More D -brane bound states
The low-energy background field solutions corresponding to D-brane bound states which possess a difference in dimension of two are presented. These solutions are constructed using the T-duality mapExpand
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Observations of HFC‐134a in the remote troposphere
Hydrofluorocarbon-134a (CF3CH2F) has been detected and quantified in air samples collected at remote, globally dispersed locations. Using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry detectionExpand
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Global tropospheric distribution and calibration scale of HCFC‐22
Measurements of atmospheric chlorodifluoro-methane (HCFC-22), based upon a new calibration scale developed in this laboratory, suggest a global tropospheric mean that is ∼28% lower than determinedExpand
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Black rings, boosted strings, and Gregory-Laflamme instability
We investigate the Gregory-Laflamme instability for black strings carrying KK momentum along the internal direction. We demonstrate a simple kinematical relation between the thresholds of theExpand
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