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An Empirical Method of Forecasting Tornado Development
The frequency distribution of tornadoes in the United States is discussed briefly and an empirical method of forecasting these and allied severe local storms is described. It is shown that theExpand
The Significance of the Gregarious Habit
The gregarious habit occurs so frequently in nature as to indicate that it is an adaptation which must be of great biological significance that it may prove of more general interest than the limited scope of the investigation would seem to imply. Expand
The Types of Airmasses in Which North American Tornadoes Form
Three types of airmasses in which tornadoes form are identified from consideration of 286 representative soundings and a median sounding for each type presented and discussed. Previously published ...
A Method for Forecasting Hailstone Size at the Earth's Surface
All upper-air soundings in the United States have been evaluated since January 1, 1950 and 274 selected as representative of air in which hailstones of known size formed. These soundings areExpand
The Sclerotic Ring in North American Birds
It is pointed out, after examination of representatives of a considerable number of orders and families of birds, that a great deal of variation in the character of the sclerotic ring occurs in different groups, but that a degree of constancy usually prevails within given families or orders. Expand
The digestion of wood by Teredo navalis
Diese Siphonen, die aus der BohrSffnung herausgestreckt werden, wurden als Ma~ der Reizung dutch die SalzlSsung benutzt, durch die das Atemwasser mit den darin eathal tenen Nahrungspart ikeln eingesogea and ausgestoI~en wird. Expand
A Basis for Forecasting Peak Wind Gusts in Non-Frontal Thunderstorms
From sixty-two cases of non-frontal thunderstorms passing over reporting stations, a relation is found between peak wind gusts and the temperature difference between the surface air underneath and inExpand
Tornado-Producing Synoptic Patterns
Three basic Fawbush-Miller tornado-forecast rules are discussed in the light of experience gained during nine years operation of the USAF Severe Weather Warning Center. These three rules are thenExpand