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The Earth's plasma sheet as a laboratory for flow turbulence in high-β MHD
The bulk flows and magnetic-field fluctuations of the plasma sheet are investigated using single-point measurements from the ISEE-2 Fast Plasma Experiment and fluxgate magnetometer. TenExpand
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Initial ISEE magnetometer results - Magnetopause observations
The magnetic field profiles across the magnetopause obtained by the ISEE-1 and -2 spacecraft separated by only a few hundred kilometers are examined for four passes. During one of these passes theExpand
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Observations of reconnection of interplanetary and lobe magnetic field lines at the high‐latitude magnetopause
Measurements made with the Fast Plasma Experiment on ISEE 2 in the vicinity of the high-latitude, dusk magnetopause near the terminator plane, at a time when the local magnetosheath and tail lobeExpand
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Understanding the Lunar Surface and Space-Moon Interactions
The surface of the Moon is a critical boundary that shapes our understanding of the Moon as a whole. All geologic mapping and remote sensing techniques utilize only the outermost portion of the Moon.Expand
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Magnetospheric plasma analyzer for spacecraft with constrained resources
A light‐weight, low‐power, plasma analyzer is described that can be used for measuring the plasma environments of spacecraft with constrained resources. A unique system using a single electrostaticExpand
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FAST satellite observations of large‐amplitude solitary structures
We report observations of “fast solitary waves” that are ubiquitous in downward current regions of the mid-altitude auroral zone. The single-period structures have large amplitudes (up to 2.5 V/m),Expand
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Polar hydrogen deposits on the Moon
Neutron and gamma-ray data measured using the Lunar Prospector spectrometers were analyzed to define the enhanced hydrogen deposits near both poles of the Moon. Combining the new low-altitude neutronExpand
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Plasma flow reversals at the dayside magnetopause and the origin of asymmetric polar cap convection
A number of events have been observed in the Los Alamos/Garching fast plasma experiment data from ISEE 2 within ±3 hours of noon wherein the y component of the plasma flow within the low latitudeExpand
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ISEE observations of flux transfer events at the dayside magnetopause
Magnetic field measurements from the ISEE 1 and 2 spacecraft are examined in the vicinity of the magnetopause near local noon on a typical pass when the magnetosheath field is southward. The dataExpand
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Improved modeling of Lunar Prospector neutron spectrometer data: Implications for hydrogen deposits at the lunar poles
[1] New models have been computed for the Lunar Prospector (LP) thermal and epithermal neutron counting rates using the particle transport code MCNPX. This work improves upon previous studies byExpand
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