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Vocal morphology of the Physalaemus pustulosus species group (Leptodactylidae): morphological response to sexual selection for complex calls
Most male frogs in the genus Physalaemus produce a whine-like advertisement call. Male P. pustulosus, however, add chucks to the call. This enhances the attractiveness of the call to females, and hasExpand
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Ultrastructural organization of avian stratum corneum lipids as the basis for facultative cutaneous waterproofing
The ultrastructure of naked neck epidermis from the ostrich (Struthio camelus) and ventral apterium from watered, and water‐deprived, Zebra finches (Taeniopygia [Poephila] guttata castanotis) isExpand
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Water, nitrogen and ion balance in the African treefrogChiromantis petersi boulenger (Anura: Rhacophoridae), with comments on the structure of the integument
SummaryPhysiological and anatomical investigations were carried out onChiromantis petersi, an African rhacophorid treefrog, with the following results: 1.The minimum rate of evaporative water lossExpand
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Evaporative water loss and skin lipids of anuran amphibians
African reed frogs (Hyperolius spp) and tree frogs (Chiromantis spp), an Australian tree frog (Litoria gracilenta) and a South American tree frog (Phyllomedusa azurae) have much lower rates ofExpand
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Water loss and nitrogen excretion in sharp-nosed reed frogs (Hyperolius nasutus: anura, Hyperoliidae).
Sharp-nosed African reed frogs, Hyperolius nasutus Gunther, are small (0.4 g) hyperoliids which have minimal rates of evaporative water loss (4.5 mg g-1 h-1; 0.3 mg cm-2 h-1) that are only 1/10 toExpand
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Lymphatic regulation in nonmammalian vertebrates.
All vertebrate animals share in common the production of lymph through net capillary filtration from their closed circulatory system into their tissues. The balance of forces responsible for netExpand
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Lymph Pools in the Basement, Sump Pumps in the Attic: The Anuran Dilemma for Lymph Movement
Amphibians are a vertebrate group transitional between aquatic and terrestrial environments. Consequently, both increases and decreases in blood volume are a natural biological stress associated withExpand
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The retention of the lateral-line nucleus in adult anurans
ecosystem analysis of Carolina bay ponds on the upper coastal plain of South Carolina. Unpubl. PhD dissert., Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. SEMLITSCH, R. D. 1983. Structure and dynamics of twoExpand
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Thermoregulatory Response to Heat in the Waterproof Frogs Phyllomedusa and Chiromantis
The thermal relations of waterproof frogs of two genera (Phyllomedusa and Chiromantis) were studied in an outdoor enclosure and, in the laboratory, in a thermal gradient, in a heated wind tunnel, andExpand
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