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Isotopic fractionation of water during evaporation
[1] Variations in the isotopic content (18O/16O and D/H ratios) of water in the natural environment provide a valuable tracer of the present-day global hydrologic cycle and a record of the climateExpand
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Trends in OMI NO 2 observations over the United States: effects of emission control technology and the economic recession
Abstract. Observations of tropospheric NO2 vertical column densities over the United States (US) for 2005–2011 are evaluated using the OMI Berkeley High Resolution (BEHR) retrieval algorithm. WeExpand
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Steps towards a mechanistic model of global soil nitric oxide emissions: implementation and space based-constraints
Abstract. Soils have been identified as a major source (~15%) of global nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Parameterizations of soil NOx emissions (SNOx) commonly used in the current generation ofExpand
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A high spatial resolution retrieval of NO 2 column densities from OMI: method and evaluation
Abstract. We present a new retrieval of tropospheric NO 2 vertical column density from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) based on high spatial and temporal resolution terrain and profile inputs.Expand
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Airborne measurement of OH reactivity during INTEX-B
The measurement of OH reactivity, the inverse of the OH lifetime, provides a powerful tool to investigate atmospheric photochemistry. A new airborne OH reactivity instrument was designed and deployedExpand
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Transpacific transport of ozone pollution and the effect of recent Asian emission increases on air quality in North America: an integrated analysis using satellite, aircraft, ozonesonde, and surface
We use an ensemble of aircraft, satellite, sonde, and surface observations for April–May 2006 (NASA/INTEX-B aircraft campaign) to better understand the mechanisms for transpacific ozone pollution andExpand
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Ozone and organic nitrates over the eastern United States: Sensitivity to isoprene chemistry
We implement a new isoprene oxidation mechanism in a global 3-D chemical transport model (GEOS-Chem). Model results are evaluated with observations for ozone, isoprene oxidation products, and relatedExpand
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On alkyl nitrates, O3, and the “missing NOy”
[1] We describe measurements of NO2, total peroxy nitrates (ΣPNs), total alkyl nitrates (ΣANs), and HNO3 using thermal dissociation followed by laser-induced fluorescence detection of NO2 at threeExpand
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Space-based constraints on spatial and temporal patterns of NO(x) emissions in California, 2005-2008.
We describe ground and space-based measurements of spatial and temporal variation of NO(2) in four California metropolitan regions. The measurements of weekly cycles and trends over the yearsExpand
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