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Dose-response effects of recombinant bovine somatotropin (Posilac) on growth performance and body composition of two-year-old rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).
Two hundred rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, mean weight 301.5 g) were allotted to four treatments with five replicates in a randomized block design to determine the dose-response effects ofExpand
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Effects of barley variety and processing methods on feedlot steer performance and carcass characteristics.
An experiment was conducted to evaluate ammoniation and temper processing of two barley varieties of diverse types on feedlot cattle performance and diet digestibility. Steptoe (feed variety) andExpand
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Effects of prepartum protein restriction in the beef cow on immunoglobin content in blood and colostral whey and subsequent immunoglobin absorption by the neonatal calf.
Protein intake of first-calf beef heifers was restricted during the last 100 days of gestation, and the effects on passive transfer of colostral immunoglobins from the cow to the neonatal calf wereExpand
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Soil ingestion by cattle grazing crested wheatgrass.
Soil ingestion rates were determined using four 350-kg esophageal fistulated heifers. Soil concentrations in feces, as determined indirectly by titanium analysis, averaged 14 and 20% in June andExpand
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Postpartum reproductive performance in crude protein-restricted beef cows: return to estrus and conception.
A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of a deficiency in dietary crude protein intake on postpartum reproductive performance of first-calf beef cows. Forty primigravid Hereford heifers wereExpand
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Uterine infections in the postpartum cow
Abstract The relationship between adequate (0.96 kg per head daily) and deficient (0.32 kg per head daily) intake of crude protein between 150 days prepartum and 110 days postpartum and the incidenceExpand
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Postpartum reproduction in protein restricted beef cows: effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis.
The influence of dietary CP on circulating LH and anterior pituitary and hypothalamic function was examined. In Exp. 1, 28 cows were randomly assigned to four treatment groups: adequate CP (ADQ; .96Expand
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Digestibility of potato processing residue in beef cattle finishing diets.
Two digestion experiments were conducted to determine the effect of various levels of potato processing residue in feedlot diets on digestion of dry matter, gross energy, crude protein and starch. InExpand
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Effects of maternal nutritional restriction and cold stress on young calves: absorption of colostral immunoglobulins.
Fifty-seven newborn calves delivered from heifers fed rations either adequate or restricted in protein or metabolizable energy were housed in cold (1 C) or normothermic (21 C) environmental chambersExpand
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Concentrations of serum constituents in cold-stressed calves from heifers fed inadequate protein and(or) energy.
A study with neonatal calves was conducted to determine the effects of maternal crude protein (CP) and(or) metabolizable energy (ME) malnutrition, cold stress (0 or 21 degrees C), and age onExpand
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