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Self Esteem/Self Concept Scales for Children and Adolescents: A Review.
There remains a flourishing interest in self esteem/self concept both in academic and clinical circles and popular literature. This paper elaborates various notions of the self and discusses theExpand
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Time in organizations: Its Experience, . Explanations and Effects
Time is seen as a fundamental but neglected variable in organizational analysis. The paper develops a model of organizational time based upon the notion of a timeframe whereby time is advocated as aExpand
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Interdistributional Income Inequality
Incomplete moments are used to characterize income inequality and provide the basis for interdistributional Lorenz curves. Four measures of interdistributional inequality are considered and seen toExpand
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Managing Work Disability: Why First Return to Work is Not a Measure of Success
Studies of the effectiveness of medical and vocational rehabilitation and the disincentive effects of workers' compensation benefits frequently assume that a return to work signals the end of theExpand
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The Performance Profile: Theory and Application
The importance of discovering the athlete’s perspective of his or her own notions of self and performance is discussed with reference to Personal Construct Theory (Bannister & Fransella, 1986; Kelly,Expand
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Economic Determinants of Workers' Compensation Trends
The upward trend in workers' compensation indemnity claims has been largely the result of two forces: changes in the program itself, particularly in the level of benefits and in the decline in theExpand
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Robust and Partially Adaptive Estimation of Regression Models
It is well known that least squares estimates can be very sensitive to departures from normality. Various robust estimators, such as least absolute deviations, L(superscript "p") estimators orExpand
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The child within : taking the young person's perspective by applying personal construct theory
About the Authors. Influences. Foreword. Acknowledgements. 1. Fundamental principles. 2. Adopting a credulous approach. 3. The framework of personal construct theory. 4. Discover Children'sExpand
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Managing Instability in Cross-Cultural Alliances
Abstract Cross-cultural alliances and the global reach that they can offer would appear to be the strategic answer to companies’ international ambitions. Yet many alliances are doomed to failureExpand
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