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Field and laboratory studies of the effect of urea on ascospore production of Venturia inaequalis (Cke.) Wint
SUMMARY Applications of urea after harvest but before leaf-fall restricted perithecial production by Venturia inaequalis. Immersion of detached leaves in urea appeared to be the most effectiveExpand
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Seasonal fluctuations in ascospore concentrations of Didymella applanata in relation to raspberry spur blight incidence.
SUMMARY Ascospores of Didymella applanata were released in rain and dew throughout the summer, the highest concentrations occurring in May when new raspberry canes were emerging. InfectionsExpand
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Experiments using sterilized apple-leaf discs to study the mode of action of urea in suppressing perithecia of Venturia inaequalis (Cke.) Wint.
SUMMARY Laboratory experiments using sterilized apple-leaf discs showed that treatment of leaves with urea during the early stages of perithecial initiation induced a high nitrogen content of theExpand
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The use of heat to control the rotting of Cox's Orange Pippin apples by Gloeosporium spp
SUMMARY Dipping in warm water successfully reduced the incidence of infection of Cox's Orange Pippin apples by Gloeosporium spp. Treatment of fruit loaded after harvest with spores of G. perennansExpand
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Changes in the microbial population of apple leaves associated with the inhibition of the perfect stage of Venturia inequalis after urea treatment
SUMMARY Treatment of detached apple leaves in October with urea induced a rapid and prolonged increase in the microbial populations present in the leaves during the winter. These effects wereExpand
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The suppression of ascospore production to facilitate the control of apple scab (Venturia inaequalis (Cke.) Wint.)
SUMMARY Using phenylmercuric chloride (PMC) as the experimental fungicide it has been shown that spraying trees once in autumn at 0.05% and again just before bud-burst at 0.01% reduced scabExpand
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The infection and perennation of the bitter rot fungus, Gloeosporium album, on apple leaves
SUMMARY In the period from late spring to leaf-fall (May-November) Gloeosporium album Osterw. was regularly isolated from leaves of the apple variety Cox's Orange Pippin affected by the disorderExpand
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An assessment of some new treatments for the control of rotting of stored apples.
SUMMARY Benomyl (0.025% a.i.) and thiabendazole (0.05 % a.i.) applied in July, August and September to apple trees cvs. Sunset and Cox's Orange Pippin gave slightly better control of GloeosporiumExpand
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Dental needs of persons with developmental disabilities in Orange County
Because developmentally disabled individuals, in general, have poorer dental health than other populations, and because developmentally disabled individuals face more situations which contribute toExpand
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