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Tobacco Use Among Middle and High School Students — United States, 2011–2014
Tobacco use and addiction most often begin during youth and young adulthood. Youth use of tobacco in any form is unsafe. To determine the prevalence and trends of current (past 30-day) use of nineExpand
Disclosure of HIV Status and Adherence to Daily Drug Regimens Among HIV-infected Children in Uganda
Pediatric adherence to daily drug regimens has not been widely assessed in Africa where majority of HIV infected children live. Using in-depth interviews of 42 HIV-infected children taking ART and/orExpand
Changes in sexual behavior and risk of HIV transmission after antiretroviral therapy and prevention interventions in rural Uganda
Background:The impact of antiretroviral therapy (ART) on sexual risk behavior and HIV transmission among HIV-infected persons in Africa is unknown. Objective:To assess changes in risky sexualExpand
Depression and CD4 Cell Count Among Persons with HIV Infection in Uganda
Despite the importance of mental illness and the high prevalence of HIV in Africa, few studies have documented depressive symptoms among HIV-infected persons in Africa. We assessed factors associatedExpand
Tobacco Product Use Among Adults — United States, 2012–2013
Despite significant declines in cigarette smoking among U.S. adults over the past five decades, progress has slowed in recent years, and the prevalence of use of other tobacco products such as cigarsExpand
Processes and Outcomes of HIV Serostatus Disclosure to Sexual Partners among People Living with HIV in Uganda
Disclosure of HIV serostatus to sexual partners supports risk reduction and facilitates access to prevention and care services for people living with HIV/AIDS. To assess health and social predictorsExpand
Vital Signs: Disparities in Nonsmokers’ Exposure to Secondhand Smoke — United States, 1999–2012
Background Exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS) from burning tobacco causes disease and death in nonsmoking children and adults. No risk-free level of SHS exposure exists. Methods National Health andExpand
Rates of virological failure in patients treated in a home-based versus a facility-based HIV-care model in Jinja, southeast Uganda: a cluster-randomised equivalence trial
BACKGROUND Identification of new ways to increase access to antiretroviral therapy in Africa is an urgent priority. We assessed whether home-based HIV care was as effective as was facility-basedExpand
Desire for Children and Pregnancy Risk Behavior among HIV-Infected Men and Women in Uganda
To identify ways to improve prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV, we conducted a cross-sectional study of 1,092 HIV-infected men and women attending an AIDS support organizationExpand
Electronic Cigarette Use Among Middle and High School Students — United States, 2011–2012
Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are battery-powered devices that provide doses of nicotine and other additives to the user in an aerosol. Depending on the brand, e-cigarette cartridgesExpand