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Isoxaflutol Herbicide Soil Persistence and Mobility in Summer Corn and Winter Wheat Crops
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Soil Dissipation of Diuron, Chlorotoluron, Simazine, Propyzamide, and Diflufenican Herbicides After Repeated Applications in Fruit Tree Orchards
In a pear tree orchard planted on loam soil, each plot was treated in April 1998 with either one of the ureas diuron or chlorotoluron, or triazine simazine herbicides applied at 3, 4, and 2 kg AIExpand
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Environmental impact of herbicide regimes used with genetically modified herbicide-resistant maize
With the potential advent of genetically modified herbicide-resistant (GMHR) crops in the European Union, changes in patterns of herbicide use are predicted. Broad-spectrum, non-selective herbicidesExpand
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Dissipation of the triketone mesotrione herbicide in the soil of corn crops grown on different soil types
The new triketone herbicide mesotrione corresponds to the older sulcotrione in which the 2‐chloro benzoyl substituent is replaced by a nitro group, generating an herbicide of greater efficiency and aExpand
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Mobility and adsorption of the triketone herbicide mesotrione in the soil of corn crops
The triketone herbicide mesotrione has been applied pre‐emergence at the dose of 150 g a.i. ha−1 on corn fields grown within the same period of time at different sites on clay, loam, sandy loam orExpand
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Soil persistence of 4-HPPD-inhibitors in different soil types.
In field experiments carried out during the 1997-2001 period on four different soil types (sand, sandy loam, heavy sandy loam and clay) in Flanders (Belgium), the persistence of the three 4-HPPDExpand
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Long-term effects of mineral versus organic fertilizers on activity and structure of the methanotrophic community in agricultural soils.
Agricultural practices, such as mineral nitrogen fertilization, have an impact on the soil's ability to oxidize methane, but little is known about the shifts in the methanotrophic communityExpand
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Pollution induced community tolerance (PICT) and analysis of 16S rRNA genes to evaluate the long‐term effects of herbicides on methanotrophic communities in soil
There is an increasing interest in agricultural systems in which the use of herbicides is forbidden. Therefore, soils treated with herbicides atrazine and metolachlor for the last 20 years wereExpand
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Soil Persistence and Mobility in Corn Fields of Flumetsulam Applied at Low Doses
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Soil metabolism of the herbicide rimsulfuron under laboratory and field conditions
Procedures were developed for soil analysis of rimsulfuron and its metabolites by means of GC-ECD, GC-FPD and GC-MS with a detection limit of 1 mu g of rimsulfuron equivalents per kilogram of dryExpand
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