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A monograph on the Isopoda Cymothoidae (Crustacea) of the eastern Pacific
The cymochoid isopods (Isopoda: Flabellifera: Cymothoidae) of the eastern Pacific are presented, with descriptions, figures, ranges and comments on their host relationships. Fourteen species areExpand
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A Higher Level Classification of All Living Organisms
We present a consensus classification of life to embrace the more than 1.6 million species already provided by more than 3,000 taxonomists’ expert opinions in a unified and coherent, hierarchicallyExpand
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The Gulf of California: Review of ecosystem status and sustainability challenges
The Gulf of California is unique because of its geographical location and conformation. It hosts diverse ecosystems and important fisheries that support industry and provide livelihood to coastalExpand
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Dramatic response to climate change in the Southwest: Robert Whittaker's 1963 Arizona Mountain plant transect revisited
Models analyzing how Southwestern plant communities will respond to climate change predict that increases in temperature will lead to upward elevational shifts of montane species. We tested thisExpand
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Species richness, endemism and ecology of crustacean assemblages in northern California vernal pools
Ephemeral pools occur worldwide, provide habitat for organisms with a variety of life history strategies, and may have served as evolutionary refugia for some taxa since Mesozoic times. Yet, ourExpand
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Coastal wetlands of the northern Gulf of California: inventory and conservation status
1. Above 28°N, the coastline of the northern Gulf of California is indented at frequent intervals by negative or inverse estuaries that are saltier at their backs than at their mouths due to theExpand
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