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Online and Blended Learning: A Survey of Policy and Practice from K-12 Schools around the World.
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Pilot Dietary Intervention with Heat-Stabilized Rice Bran Modulates Stool Microbiota and Metabolites in Healthy Adults
Heat-stabilized rice bran (SRB) has been shown to regulate blood lipids and glucose, modulate gut mucosal immunity and inhibit colorectal cancer in animal and human studies. However, SRB’s effects onExpand
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Metabolomics and metabolic pathway networks from human colorectal cancers, adjacent mucosa, and stool
BackgroundColorectal cancers (CRC) are associated with perturbations in cellular amino acids, nucleotides, pentose-phosphate pathway carbohydrates, and glycolytic, gluconeogenic, and tricarboxylicExpand
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Preclinical and Clinical Evaluation of Intraductally Administered Agents in Early Breast Cancer
Intraductal administration of chemotherapeutic agents may reduce new breast cancer formation and offer a less toxic treatment regimen than intravenous therapy. Repairing the Ductwork Breast cancer isExpand
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Research Committee Issues Brief: Examining Communication and Interaction in Online Teaching.
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Re-excision rates after breast conserving surgery following the 2014 SSO-ASTRO guidelines.
BACKGROUND In 2014, SSO-ASTRO published guidelines which recommended "no ink on tumor" as adequate margins for patients undergoing breast conservation for invasive breast cancer. In 2016, newExpand
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Adjuvant hormonal therapy for premenopausal women with breast cancer.
Endocrine therapy is a required element of the management of premenopausal women with early-stage steroid hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. There is uncertainty about how best to implementExpand
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Dietary supplementation with rice bran or navy bean alters gut bacterial metabolism in colorectal cancer survivors
SCOPE Heat-stabilized rice bran (SRB) and cooked navy bean powder (NBP) contain a variety of phytochemicals that are fermented by colonic microbiota and may influence intestinal health. DietaryExpand
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A Randomized Controlled Trial to Increase Navy Bean or Rice Bran Consumption in Colorectal Cancer Survivors
ABSTRACT Consumption of navy beans (NB) and rice bran (RB) have been shown to inhibit colon carcinogenesis. Given the overall poor diet quality in colorectal cancer (CRC) survivors and low reportedExpand
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