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Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activities of Ursolic Acid and Derivatives
Ursolic acid, an important bioactive compound, was isolated from ethanol extract of aerial parts of Sambucus australis. In order to develop bioactive ursolic acid derivatives, two semi-syntheticExpand
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Flavonóides glicosilados das folhas e flores de Bauhinia forficata (Leguminosae)
From the leaves of Bauhinia forficata kaempferol and four flavonoid glycosides, 3,7-di-O-a-L-rhamnopyranosylkaempferol, 3,7-di-O-a-L-rhamnopyranosylquercetin,Expand
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Two known bis‐indole alkaloids isolated from Tabernaemontana laeta: complete 1H and 13C chemical shift assignments
An NMR study of two known bis‐indole alkaloids is described. In addition to conventional 1D NMR methods, 2D shift‐correlated NMR experiments [1Hx1H‐COSY, 1Hx13C‐HMQC‐1J(C,H), 1Hx13C‐HMBC‐nJ(C,H) (n =Expand
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7-Epiclusianona, a nova benzofenona tetraprenilada e outros constituintes químicos dos frutos de Rheedia gardneriana
Phytochemical investigation of the fruits of Rheedia gardneriana led to the isolation of sesquiterpenes mixture, methyl esters of fatty acids (palmitate, estearate, oleate, linoleate, linolenate),Expand
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Chemical constituents from roots of Pyrostegia venusta and considerations about its medicinal importance
This paper describes the chemical constituents isolated from roots of Pyrostegia venusta. From ethanol extract of the roots allantoin, b-sitosterol, 3b-O-b-D-glupyranosylsitosterol and hesperedinExpand
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Chemical Constituents and Larvicidal Activity of Hymenaea courbaril Fruit Peel
The chemical compositions of the essential oils from the peel of ripe and unripe fruits of Hymenaea courbaril L., obtained by hydrodistillation, were analyzed by GC and GC-MS. The main constituentsExpand
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Estudo químico e biológico de Tephrosia toxicaria Pers.
The ethanol extracts from leaves, stems, pods and roots were assayed against the 3rd instar Aedes aegypti larvae and the highest activity was observed in the roots extracts (LC50 47.86 ppm). ThisExpand
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New Chemical Constituents from Borreria verticillata (Rubiaceae)
A phytochemical study on Borreria verticillata has led to the isolation of two novel simple indole alkaloids, 6-methoxy-4-(3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl)-1H-indole, named verticillatine A (1), andExpand
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Chemical composition and larvicidal activity of Rollinia leptopetala (Annonaceae)
The aim of present study was to describe the chemical composition of the essential oils from the leaf and stem of Rollinia leptopetala R. E. Fries (Annonaceae) and to evaluate the larvicidalExpand
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Bioatividade de ácidos húmicos: efeitos sobre o desenvolvimento radicular e sobre a bomba de prótons da membrana plasmática
The bioactivity of humic acids (HA) isolated from sludge of the station of sewer treatment (HAL) and from vermicompost (HAV) was evaluated through the action of those substances on primary transportExpand
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