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Evaluating Display Fidelity and Interaction Fidelity in a Virtual Reality Game
The results of the study indicate that both display and interaction fidelity significantly affect strategy and performance, as well as subjective judgments of presence, engagement, and usability. Expand
Effects of virtual environment platforms on emotional responses
The results demonstrated that VE platforms were associated with different patterns in emotional responses and task performance, and suggest that different VE systems may be appropriate for different scientific purposes when studying stress reactivity using emotionally evocative tasks. Expand
Estimation of light interception properties of conifer shoots by an improved photographic method and a 3D model of shoot structure.
A faster, model-based approach to replace photography, and the results suggest that STAR can be approximated as 0.16 for a wide range of shoot structures, which facilitates rapid generation of these radiative transfer parameters. Expand
A virtual canopy generator (V-CaGe) for modelling complex heterogeneous forest canopies at high resolution
The structure of tree canopies affects turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer, and light attenuation, reflection and emission from forested areas. Through these effects, canopy structureExpand
Revealing Context-Specific Conditioned Fear Memories with Full Immersion Virtual Reality
Differences in cued and context fear acquisition and the contextual specificity of recent fear memories are illustrated and the use of full immersion VR is supported as a novel tool in cognitive neuroscience to bridge rodent models of contextual phenomena underlying human clinical disorders. Expand
Human Fear Conditioning Conducted in Full Immersion 3-Dimensional Virtual Reality
In order to test the hypothesis that fear conditioning may be richly encoded and context specific when conducted in a fully immersive environment, three distinct virtual reality 3-D contexts were developed in which participants experienced fear conditioning to virtual snakes or spiders. Expand
Exploring Semantic Social Networks Using Virtual Reality
Redgraph is the first generic virtual reality visualization program for Semantic Web data capable of handling large data-sets, and inference can be used to improve the visualization, as demonstrated with a data-set of biotechnology patents and researchers. Expand
Modeling regional salinization of the Ogallala aquifer, Southern High Plains, TX, USA
Two extensive plumes (combined area .1000 km 2 ) have been delineated within the Ogallala aquifer in the Southern High Plains, TX, USA. Salinity varies within the plumes spatially and increases withExpand
Medial prefrontal pathways for the contextual regulation of extinguished fear in humans
FMRI results indicate dissociable contextual influences of the hippocampus on prefrontal pathways, which, in turn, determine the level of reactivation of fear associations. Expand
Shadow walking: An unencumbered locomotion technique for systems with under-floor projection
Shadow Walking is presented, an unencumbered locomotion technique that uses shadow tracking to sense a user's walking direction and step speed and has potential for extended gestures and multi-user locomotion. Expand