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Interpreting the Axe Trade: Production and Exchange in Neolithic Britain
List of illustrations List of tables Acknowledgements Part I. Neolithic Britain and the Study of Exchange Systems: 1. Making the connections 2. Neolithic Britain - background to the case study 3.Expand
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The Significance of Monuments: On the Shaping of Human Experience in Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe
List of Figures Preface Part One: From the House of the Dead 1. Structures of Sand: Settlements, Monuments and the Nature of the Neolithic 2. Thinking the Neolithic: the Mesolithic World View and itsExpand
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Ritual and Domestic Life in Prehistoric Europe
Part 1: The Importance of Ordinary Things 1. Death and the Harvest 2. The Consecration of the House 3. A Duty of Care Part 2: Where the Stress Falls 4. A House with a Pool 5. Multiplication andExpand
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An archaeology of natural places
This volume explores why natural places such as caves, mountains, springs and rivers assumed a sacred character in European prehistory, and how the evidence for this can be analysed in the field. ItExpand
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An Archaeology of Natural Places
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The past in prehistoric societies
The idea of prehistory dates from the nineteenth century, but Richard Bradley contends that it is still a vital area for research. He argues that it is only through a combination of oral traditionExpand
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The Historical Dimension in Mortuary Expressions of Status and Sentiment [and Comments and Reply]
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The social foundations of prehistoric Britain : themes and variations in the archaeology of power
" ...a stimulting book which no serious student of British Prehistory can afford to ignore." Archaeological Review " It is essential reading for all scholars. Personally I found the first half of theExpand
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Time Regained: The Creation of Continuity
AbstractThis paper considers the striking juxtaposition of prehistoric and early medieval monuments observed at Yeavering and other sites. It suggests that rather than showing continuity of ritualExpand
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The Passage of Arms: An Archaeological Analysis of Prehistoric Hoards and Votive Deposits
A new paperback edition of Richard Bradley's study of the fine objects that were so often buried in hoards or deposited in watery locations such as rivers or bogs. Richard Bradley brings his viewsExpand
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