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The Fourier Transform and its Applications.
This paper analyses Fourier transform used for spectral analysis of periodical signals and emphasizes some of its properties. Expand
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Discrete Hartley transform
The discrete Hartley transform (DHT) resembles the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) but is free from two characteristics of the DFT that are sometimes computationally undesirable. The inverse DHT isExpand
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The Fourier Transform and Its Applications
1 Introduction 2 Groundwork 3 Convolution 4 Notation for Some Useful Functions 5 The Impulse Symbol 6 The Basic Theorems 7 Obtaining Transforms 8 The Two Domains 9 Waveforms, Spectra, Filters andExpand
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The Hartley transform
Fast Fourier Transform is a fast algorithm he discovered for spectral analysis. Expand
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The Fourier transform.
To calculate a transform, just listen. The ear automatically performs the calculation, which the intellect can execute only after years of mathematical education. The ear formulates a transform byExpand
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Strip Integration in Radio Astronomy
When a celestial source of radio waves is scanned with an aerial beam which is much longer than the source in one direction but suitably narrow in the other, the transformation from the trueExpand
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Two-dimensional imaging
1. Introduction. 2. The Image Plane. 3. Two Dimensional Impulses. 4. The Two Dimensional Fourier Transform. 5. Two Dimensional Convolution. 6. The Convolution Theorem. 7. Sampling and InterpolationExpand
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Fourier Analysis and Imaging
1 Introduction.- Summary of the Chapters.- Notation.- Teaching a Course from This Book.- The Problems.- Aspects of Imaging.- Computer Code.- Literature References.- Recommendation.- 2 The ImageExpand
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Aerial Smoothing in Radio Astronomy
When an aerial is used to survey the distribution of radio brightness over the sky, the observed distribution is smoother than the true distribution; the broader the beam of the aerial, the greaterExpand
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