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Nonlinear Optics, Third Edition
Nonlinear optics is the study of the interaction of intense laser light with matter. The third edition of this textbook has been rewritten to conform to the standard SI system of units and includesExpand
Tunable all-optical delays via Brillouin slow light in an optical fiber
It is demonstrated that stimulated Brillouin scattering can be used to generate all-optical slow-light pulse delays of greater than a pulse length for pulses as short as 16 ns in a single-mode fiber, and strongly suggest that analogous delays can be achieved using stimulated Raman scattering at telecommunication data rates. Expand
Observation of ultraslow light propagation in a ruby crystal at room temperature.
It is observed that a quantum coherence effect, coherent population oscillations, produces a very narrow spectral "hole" in the homogeneously broadened absorption profile of ruby, which leads to a large value of the group index. Expand
Large optical nonlinearity of indium tin oxide in its epsilon-near-zero region
It is reported that indium tin oxide can acquire an ultrafast and large intensity-dependent refractive index in the region of the spectrum where the real part of its permittivity vanishes, and offers the possibility of designing material structures with large ultrafast nonlinearity for applications in nanophotonics. Expand
Momentum of Light in a Dielectric Medium
We review different expressions that have been proposed for the stress tensor and for the linear momentum of light in dielectric media, focusing on the Abraham and Minkowski forms. Analyses ofExpand
Coupled-Resonator-Induced Transparency
We demonstrate that a cancellation of absorption occurs on resonance for two (or any even number of) coupled optical resonators, due to mode splitting and classical destructive interference,Expand
Colloquium : Understanding quantum weak values: Basics and applications
The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York 14627, USAand Department of Physics, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada(published 28 March 2014)Since its introductionExpand
Observation of superluminal and slow light propagation in erbium-doped optical fiber
We observe both extremely slow and superluminal pulse propagation speeds at room temperature in an erbium-doped fiber (EDF). A signal at 1550 nm is sent through an erbium-doped fiber with varyingExpand
Slow and Fast Light
Recent research has established that it is possible to exercise extraordinary control of the velocity of propagation of light pulses through a material system. Both extremely slow propagation (muchExpand
Generating optical orbital angular momentum at visible wavelengths using a plasmonic metasurface
Visible, circularly polarised light can be transformed into light-carrying orbital angular momentum by a plasmonic metasurface. That is the finding of Ebrahim Karimi and co-workers at the UniversityExpand