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Polygyny and women's health in sub-Saharan Africa.
In this paper we review the literature on the association between polygyny and women's health in sub-Saharan Africa. We argue that polygyny is an example of "co-operative conflict" within households,Expand
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The role of gender and sex hormones in determining the onset and outcome of multiple sclerosis
Intriguing sex differences both in multiple sclerosis (MS) susceptibility and its disease course may offer important insights into MS disease pathophysiology, prevention and treatment. In thisExpand
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Autoimmune diseases and reproductive aging.
  • R. Bove
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  • 1 November 2013
As the population ages, more individuals with autoimmune diseases are experiencing reproductive senescence. Understanding the impact of menopause and age-related androgen decline on disease onset andExpand
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Polygyny and women's health in rural Mali.
Women's social networks and social power are increasingly seen as important factors modulating their health in sub-Saharan Africa. Polygyny, a common marital structure in many societies, mediatesExpand
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Low testosterone is associated with disability in men with multiple sclerosis
Background: Gonadal steroids may modulate disease course in multiple sclerosis (MS). Objective: To assess the prevalence and clinical associations of hypogonadism in men with MS. Methods: MaleExpand
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Laser and proton radiation to reduce uveal melanoma-associated exudative retinal detachments.
PURPOSE To assess whether laser-induced hyperthermia in conjunction with proton irradiation of choroidal melanoma may more rapidly decrease exudative retinal detachments. DESIGN Case-control study.Expand
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Immunology of neuromyelitis optica during pregnancy
Anti–aquaporin-4 (AQP4) autoantibody plays a key role in the pathogenesis of neuromyelitis optica (NMO). Studies have shown increased relapse rates in patients with NMO during pregnancy andExpand
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Silent progression in disease activity–free relapsing multiple sclerosis
Rates of worsening and evolution to secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) may be substantially lower in actively treated patients compared to natural history studies from the pretreatmentExpand
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Hormone therapy use and physical quality of life in postmenopausal women with multiple sclerosis
Objective: To determine the association between hormone therapy (HT) and physical quality of life (QOL) in postmenopausal women with multiple sclerosis (MS). Methods: We included female participantsExpand
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Sexual disparities in the incidence and course of MS.
Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects three times more women than men and this ratio appears to be increasing. However male patients experience increased disease progression, brain atrophy, and cognitiveExpand
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