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Ferromagnetic Quantum Critical Point in the Heavy-Fermion Metal YbNi4(P1−xAsx)2
Through precision low-temperature measurements, it is shown that the Grüneisen ratio of the heavy fermion metallic ferromagnet YbNi4(P0.92As0.08)2 diverges upon cooling to T = 0, indicating a ferromagnetic QCP, which will have a large impact on the studies of quantum critical materials. Expand
Nature of the A phase in CeCu2Si2.
The observation of long-range incommensurate antiferromagnetic order as the nature of the A phase in CeCu2Si2 suggests that a spin-density-wave instability is the origin of the quantum critical point in Ce Cu 2Si2. Expand
Response of the heavy-fermion superconductor CeCoIn5 to pressure: roles of dimensionality and proximity to a quantum-critical point
We report measurements of the pressure-dependent superconducting transition temperature Tc and electrical resistivity of the heavy-fermion compound CeCoIn5. Pressure moves CeCoIn5 away from itsExpand
Magnetism and unconventional superconductivity in CenMmIn3n+2m heavy-fermion crystals
Abstract We review magnetic, superconducting and non-Fermi-liquid properties of the structurally layered heavy-fermion compounds Ce n M m In 3n+2m ( M = Co , Rh , Ir ) . These properties suggestExpand
Magnetic, transport, and thermal properties of Yb2T3X9 compounds (T = Rh, Ir; X = Al, Ga)
The low-temperature properties of a family of ytterbium-based compounds with the composition ${\mathrm{Yb}}_{2}{T}_{3}{X}_{9}$ $(T=\mathrm{Rh}, \mathrm{Ir}; X=\mathrm{Al}, \mathrm{Ga})$ are studiedExpand
Heat capacity of the heavy fermion superconductor CeIrIn5 under hydrostatic pressure
Abstract CeIrIn5 belongs to a new class of heavy fermion (HF) superconductors that crystallize in the tetragonal HoCoGa5-structure. This structure can be regarded as alternating layers of CeIn3 andExpand
4f-conduction electron hybridization in ternary CeTMAl compounds
Abstract We present an investigation of CeTMAl phase diagrams with TMRu, Pd, Pt and Au. Several new compounds have been characterized by measurements of the electrical resistivity ϱ ( T ), the doExpand
Cossidae of the Socotra Archipelago (Yemen)
Abstract The faunistic composition of the family Cossidae (Lepidoptera) of the Socotra Archipelago is revised. Five species are recognized, including two new species (Mormogystia brandstetteri andExpand
A New Species of Catocala (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) from the Southeastern United States
Abstract A new species of underwing moth, Catocala myristica sp. nov., is described from the southeastern United States. Wing pattern, genitalic and Cytochrome Oxidase Subunit I 5′ mitochondrialExpand