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Natural products research: perspectives from a major pharmaceutical company.
  • R. Borris
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • Journal of ethnopharmacology
  • 1 April 1996
While microbial products have been the mainstay of industrial natural products discovery, in recent years phytochemistry has again become a field of active interest. Expand
Natural product drug discovery and development: new perspectives on international collaboration.
A discussion of policies for international collaboration and compensation being implemented by several developed country organizations, and the perspectives on the current developments given by representatives of some of the source countries located in the regions of greatest biodiversity. Expand
Ethnopharmacologic and phytochemical studies of the Thymelaeaceae.
The phytochemical evidence thus far available indicates that the daphnane and tigliane diterpene esters are clearly responsible for the toxic reactions observed, but chemotaxonomically it is not possible to predict which additional genera are likely to contain these toxins. Expand
Identification and biochemical characterization of a novel nortriterpene inhibitor of the human lymphocyte voltage-gated potassium channel, Kv1.3.
Correolide is the first potent, small molecule inhibitor of Kv1 series channels to be identified from a natural product source and will be useful as a probe for studying potassium channel structure and the physiological role of such channels in target tissues of interest. Expand
Contemporary Pacific and Western perspectives on `awa (Piper methysticum) toxicology.
A detailed review of traditional and non-traditional kava usage, medicinal efficacy and potential toxicological concerns is presented. Expand
Rediocides B-E, potent insecticides from Trigonostemon reidioides.
Four new congeners, rediocides B-E (2-5), of the previously reported rediocide A were isolated from a methanol extract of the roots of the plant Trigonostemon reidioides, and possess potent activity against fleas in an artificial membrane feeding system. Expand
Structure and Stereochemistry of Rediocide A, A Highly Modified Daphnane from Trigonostemon reidioides Exhibiting Potent Insecticidal Activity
Highly Modified Daphnane from Trigonostemon reidioides Exhibiting Potent Insecticidal Activity Hiranthi Jayasuriya,† Deborah L. Zink,† Suresh B. Singh,† Robert P. Borris,† Weerachai Nanakorn,‡ HansExpand