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Experimental investigations of mass-dependent predation risk in the European starling, Sturnus vulgaris
. The influence of mass on escape ability in the European starling was investigated with reference to aerial manoeuvrability and take-off ability. Experimental groups of higher body mass were lessExpand
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The influence of hydration on the tensile and compressive properties of avian keratinous tissues
Despite recent research exploring the elastic properties of avian keratins, data on failure properties are less common in the literature. In this paper we present data on the failure properties andExpand
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Young's modulus varies with differential orientation of keratin in feathers.
Feathers are composed of a structure that, whilst being very light, is able to withstand the large aerodynamic forces exerted upon them during flight. To explore the contribution of molecularExpand
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The mechanical properties of feather keratin
Feathers are subject to large aerodynamic forces during flight and must therefore be stiff and strong, yet also light. Published estimates of Young's modulus of the feather keratin composite varyExpand
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Melanin and the abrasion resistance of feathers
1977. Marine fish communities, p. 451-492. In ronment of Amchitka Island, Alaska. TID-267 12, M. L. Merritt and R. G. Fuller [eds.], The enviNational Technical Information Service, Springronment ofExpand
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Assessing the Frictional and Abrasion-resisting Properties of Hooves and Claws
Hoof abrasion and slips on floors are known to have negative effects on animal health and welfare. This paper describes a new design of test rig for use in a universal materials test machine. The rigExpand
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The Young's modulus of ostrich claw keratin
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Did Pterosaurs Feed by Skimming? Physical Modelling and Anatomical Evaluation of an Unusual Feeding Method
Similarities between the anatomies of living organisms are often used to draw conclusions regarding the ecology and behaviour of extinct animals. Several pterosaur taxa are postulated to have beenExpand
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Indentation Hardness of the Bill Keratin of the European Starling
DUFFY, D. C. 1989. Seabird foraging aggregations: a WANLESS, S., A. E. BURGER, AND M. P. HARRIS. 1991. comparison of two southern upwellings. Colon. Diving depths of shags Phalacrocorax aristoletisExpand
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