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Nutritional and therapeutic value of fermented caprine milk
Caprine milk is a nutritional and therapeutic food. The unique and beneficial characteristics of caprine milk that are superior to bovine milk include: better digestibility ; greater bufferingExpand
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Popular ovine and caprine fermented milks
Ovine and caprine milk are widely produced in semi-arid countries, and mainly utilised for milk consumption and the manufacture of a wide range of cheeses, fermented milk products (e.g. liquid,Expand
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Influence of high intensity ultrasound on microbial reduction, physico-chemical characteristics and fermentation of sweet whey
Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of high intensity ultrasound on quality of reconstituted sweet whey in order to substitute thermal treatments i.e. pasteurization.Expand
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The quality of plain and supplemented kefir from goat's and cow's milk
Goat's or cow's milk was fortified with 2 g/100 g skimmed milk powder (SMP), whey protein concentrate (WPC) or inulin. All the milks were fermented with kefir grains at 25°C for 19 h and stored forExpand
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Growth and survival of probiotic bacteria in reconstituted whey
Considerant l'interet nutritionnel du lactoserum, cette etude a ete entreprise pour y definir la croissance et la survie de bacteries probiotiques et l'influence de l'addition d'un prebiotique,Expand
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Whey based beverages - new generation of dairy products
Sirutka je sporedni proizvod koji nastaje u tehnoloskom procesu proizvodnje sira, a sastav i svojstva ovise o tehnologiji proizvodnje osnovnog proizvoda te o kakvoci koristenog mlijeka. PremaExpand
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Analysis of milk and dairy products
Prirucnik sadrži sve fizikalne, kemijske, mikrobioloske i senzorske metode kontrole mlijeka i mlijecnih proizvoda koje se izvode u okviru prakticne nastave na Prehrambeno-biotehnoloskom fakultetuExpand
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Sensory Evaluation of the Strawberry Flavored Yoghurt with Stevia and Sucrose Addition
As obesity is a growing problem in the world the target of food industries is to produce low calorie products safe for the human health. According to the non-caloric value of stevia and itsExpand
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Fermentation and storage of probiotic yoghurt from goat’s milk
Kravlje i kozje mlijeko fermentirano je ABT4 kulturom. Istraživan je rast sojeva Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus acidophilus i Bifidobacterium ssp. u kontrolnom i inulinom obogacenom kozjemExpand
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Packaging perspective of milk and dairy products
Packaging of dairy products develops continuously along with advances in material technologies, which are in turn a response to demands of consumers. This article aimed to give an overview ofExpand
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