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Basic Concepts of String Theory
The Classical Bosonic String.- The Quantized Bosonic String.- Introduction to Conformal Field Theory.- Parametrization Ghosts and BRST Quantization.- String Perturbation Theory and One-Loop
Noncommutative compactifications of type I strings on tori with magnetic background flux
Weconstructsix-andfour-dimensionaltoroidalcompacticationsofthe type-IstringwithmagneticfluxontheD-branes. Theopenstringsinthisbackground probe a noncommutative internal geometry. Phenomenologically
Gauge coupling unification in F-theory grand unified theories.
It is shown how F-theory can evade gauge symmetry breaking via nontrivial hypercharge flux in a natural way and spoil the celebrated one-loop gauge coupling unification.
Introduction to Conformal Field Theory: With Applications to String Theory
Basics in Conformal Field Theory.- Symmetries of Conformal Field Theories.- Conformal Field Theory on the Torus.- Supersymmetric Conformal Field Theory.- Boundary Conformal Field Theory.
▪ Abstract We provide a pedagogical introduction to a recently studied class of phenomenologically interesting string models known as Intersecting D-Brane Models. The gauge fields of the Standard
Moduli Stabilisation versus Chirality for MSSM like Type IIB Orientifolds
We investigate the general question of implementing a chiral MSSM like D-brane sector in Type IIB orientifold models with complete moduli stabilisation via F-terms induced by fluxes and space-time