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Biosystematics of the Malagasy frogs. I. Mantellinae (Ranidae)
This subfamily can be considered once more a natural, probably mono-phyletic group of ranid-type frogs, primarily separated from the others by a different mating behaviour. Expand
Biosystematics of the Malagasy frogs. II. The genus Boophis (Rhacophoridae)
This study produces a sharper definition of the endemic genus Boophis Tschudi, permitting its clear separation from the genus Mantidactylus Boulenger, 1895, and different synonymies are revised and new species presented. Expand
Systematic relationships of the Mantellinae Laurent 1946 (Anura Ranoidea)
A series of osteological characters was investigated in several ranoids, especially in the Mantellinae, and a cladogram of the “firmisternal” frogs was constructed, showing a stepwise increase of derived features. Expand
Observations on the larval development of some Malagasy frogs, with notes on their ecology and biology (Anura: Dyscophinae, Scaphiophryninae and Cophylinae)
In this paper, tadpoles belonging to three related groups of Malagasy frogs are described; both the Dyscophinae and the Cophylinae are subfamilies of the Microhylidae, while the Scaphiophryninae areExpand
Cytotaxonomy of the Ranidae, Rhacophoridae, Hyperoliidae (Anura) from Madagascar with a note on the karyotype of two amphibians of the Seychelles
Chromosome complements of 43 malagasy species of frogs are described and petricentric inversions seem to play an important role in the chromosomal evolution of Mantidactylus. Expand
Chromosomal analysis of twelve species of Microhylidae (Anura) from Madagascar
The karyotypes of four species of Dyscophinae and eight species of Cophylinae were analyzed and pericentric inversions seem to play an important role in the chromosomal evolution of the Cophyllinae. Expand
Observations on the Malagasy frog genus Heterixalus Laurent, 1944 (Hyperoliidae)
The colouration in life, some tadpoles and some mating calls of several species of the genus Heterixalus Laurent, 1944, are described. The following taxonomic changes are proposed: HeterixalusExpand
On the occurrence and identity of triploids of Rana kl. esculenta Linnaeus and R. lessonae Camerano in The Netherlands (Anura: Ranidae)
According to electrophoresis and erythrocyte size the genotypes of 756 waterfrogs, collected during 1986—1988 in 54 localities in The Netherlands, were classified as belonging to 5 different genotypes, with indications that LL gametes could be produced by LLR triploids and LL diploids. Expand
Karyotypes of eight species of phytoseiid mites (Acarina: Mesostigmata) from Madagascar
Haplo-diploidy was found to be regular with eight species of phytoseiid mites occurring in Madagascar, with a variation with respect to centromere position. Expand
A unique case of mating behaviour in a Malagasy tree frog, Gephyromantis liber (Peracca, 1893), with observations on the larval development (Amphibia, Ranidae)
The mating act in Gephyromantis liber and in other species of this genus differs from all other mating behaviour patterns known in Anura, and it is made that the femoral glands of the male play a role in the short mating contact. Expand