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The Anthropology of Music
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Ancient watercourses and biogeography of the Sahara explain the peopling of the desert
Evidence increasingly suggests that sub-Saharan Africa is at the center of human evolution and understanding routes of dispersal “out of Africa” is thus becoming increasingly important. The SaharaExpand
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Archaeology, Language, and the African Past
Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Preface Part 3 Part I: Developing General Models of the African Past Chapter 4 Introduction: Language, History, and Archaeology in Africa Chapter 5 Chapter 1: ContestedExpand
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'You can't go home again' Pastoralism in the new millennium
Contact details: Institutional Home/correspondence Research Fellow CISPAL Overseas Development Institute 8, Guest Road 111, Westminster Bridge Road Cambridge CB1 2AL London, SE1 7JD United KingdomExpand
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Bananas and Plantains in Africa: Re-interpreting the linguistic evidence
Phytolith evidence for early domesticated bananas in Cameroun supports a conclusion reached previously from a combination of botanical and linguistic evidence, namely that plantains reached WestExpand
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The Expansion and Adaptation of Fulbe Pastoralism to Subhumid and Humid Conditions in Nigeria
R. Blench — L'expansion et l'adaptation du pastoralisme peul aux conditions climatiques humides et subhumides du Nigeria. ; Les Peuls, dont la population est la plus dispersee des peuples pasteurs duExpand
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The Origins and Development of African Livestock: Archaeology, Genetics, Linguistics and Ethnography
This book presents an interdisciplinary overview of the origins of African livestock, placing Africa as one of the world centres for animal domestication. With sections on archaeology, genetics,Expand
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