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The complete nucleotide sequence of a capsicum chlorosis virus isolate from Lycopersicum esculentum in Thailand
Summary.The complete nucleotide sequence of a tospovirus isolated from Lycopersicum esculentum in Thailand was determined. The L RNA comprises of 8912 nt and codes for the RNA-dependentExpand
Discovering and sequencing new plant viral genomes by next‐generation sequencing: description of a practical pipeline
Small-scale sequencing has improved substantially in recent decades, culminating in the development of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies. Modern NGS methods have helped the discovery ofExpand
Construction of an infectious clone of a plant RNA virus in a binary vector using one-step Gibson Assembly.
The construction of full-length infectious clones of RNA viruses is often laborious due to the many cloning steps required and the DNA exclusion within the plasmid during Escherichia coliExpand
Molecular characterization and detection of Vicia cryptic virus in different Vicia faba cultivars
SummaryAfter extraction of double-stranded (ds) RNAs from Vicia faba, dsRNA1 and dsRNA2 of Vicia cryptic virus (VCV), a member of the genus Alphacryptovirus (family Partitiviridae), were detected inExpand
Discovery and molecular characterization of a novel enamovirus, Grapevine enamovirus-1
In this study, we describe a novel putative Enamovirus member, Grapevine enamovirus-1 (GEV-1), discovered by high-throughput sequencing (HTS). A limited survey using HTS of 17 grapevines (Vitis spp.)Expand
Reference Gene Selection for qPCR Analysis in Tomato-Bipartite Begomovirus Interaction and Validation in Additional Tomato-Virus Pathosystems
Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) is currently the most sensitive technique used for absolute and relative quantification of a target gene transcript, requiring the use of appropriatedExpand
The Crumbs_C isoform of Drosophila shows tissue- and stage-specific expression and prevents light-dependent retinal degeneration
ABSTRACT Drosophila Crumbs (Crb) is a key regulator of epithelial polarity and fulfils a plethora of other functions, such as growth regulation, morphogenesis of photoreceptor cells and prevention ofExpand
Complete genome sequence of a putative new secovirus infecting yam (Dioscorea) plants
The complete genome sequence of a new virus infecting yam plants exhibiting mosaic symptom in Brazil was determined. The genome of this virus is composed of two molecules of positive-sense RNAs ofExpand
Chloroplast Proteome of Nicotiana benthamiana Infected by Tomato Blistering Mosaic Virus
Tymovirus is a genus of plant pathogenic viruses that infects several dicotyledonous plants worldwide, causing serious diseases in economically important crops. The known cytopathic effect on theExpand
Fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis of endosymbiont genera reveals novel infection patterns in a tomato-infesting Bemisia tabaci population from Brazil
The Bemisia tabaci cryptic species complex harbors a diversified flora of primary and secondary endosymbionts, which plays crucial roles in many aspects of the insect biology. The endosymbiontExpand