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Quantum dynamics of single trapped ions
Single trapped ions represent elementary quantum systems that are well isolated from the environment. They can be brought nearly to rest by laser cooling, and both their internal electronic statesExpand
14-Qubit entanglement: creation and coherence.
We report the creation of Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states with up to 14 qubits. By investigating the coherence of up to 8 ions over time, we observe a decay proportional to the square of theExpand
Entangled states of trapped atomic ions
Experiments show that just a few entangled trapped ions can be used to improve the precision of measurements, and if the entanglement in such systems can be scaled up to larger numbers of ions, simulations that are intractable on a classical computer might become possible. Expand
Scalable multiparticle entanglement of trapped ions
The scalable and deterministic generation of four-, five-, six-, seven- and eight-particle entangled states of the W type with trapped ions are reported, which obtain the maximum possible information on these states by performing full characterization via state tomography, using individual control and detection of the ions. Expand
Quantum simulation of the Dirac equation
A proof-of-principle quantum simulation of the one-dimensional Dirac equation using a single trapped ion set to behave as a free relativistic quantum particle and study Zitterbewegung for different initial superpositions of positive- and negative-energy spinor states. Expand
Ion-trap measurements of electric-field noise near surfaces
Electric-field noise near surfaces is a common problem in diverse areas of physics, and a limiting factor for many precision measurements. There are multiple mechanisms by which such noise isExpand
An open-system quantum simulator with trapped ions
This work combines multi-qubit gates with optical pumping to implement coherent operations and dissipative processes and illustrates the ability to engineer the open-system dynamics through the dissipative preparation of entangled states, the simulation of coherent many-body spin interactions, and the quantum non-demolition measurement of multi- qubit observables. Expand
Quantum simulations with trapped ions
Experimental progress in controlling and manipulating trapped atomic ions has opened the door for a series of proof-of-principle quantum simulations. This article reviews these experiments, togetherExpand
Realization of the Cirac–Zoller controlled-NOT quantum gate
This work implements a CNOT quantum gate according to the Cirac–Zoller proposal, which relies on recently developed precise control of atomic phases and the application of composite pulse sequences adapted from nuclear magnetic resonance techniques. Expand
Quantum information processing and communication
Abstract.We present an excerpt of the document “Quantum Information Processing and Communication: Strategic report on current status, visions and goals for research in Europe”, which has beenExpand