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Latex allergy in healthcare workers: an epidemiological study in a Spanish hospital.
To design an effective prevention program in health care workers who are allergic to latex it is necessary to know the current epidemiological situation. The objectives were to determine the mainExpand
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Carrot-induced asthma: immunodetection of allergens.
A 40-year-old woman with seasonal allergic asthma, who was a nonsmoker, was first seen with sneezing, rhinorrhea, contact urticaria on her hands and face, coughing, and wheezing within few minutes ofExpand
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Tolerance and short-term effect of a cluster schedule with pollen-extracts quantified in mass-units.
We performed a prospective, multicenter study to assess the tolerance and possible short-term effects of allergen vaccines administered according to a cluster schedule in the months immediatelyExpand
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Tolerance of a cluster schedule on the treatment of seasonal allergic respiratory disease with pollen extracts quantified in mass units.
In order to evaluate the tolerance of a cluster schedule on specific immunotherapy (SIT), 306 patients were included in a multicenter study. The patients were suffering from rhinoconjunctivitisExpand
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Anaphylaxis due to a tick bite
Allergic reactions after tick bites have been previously reported (1). Specific IgE antibodies for tick proteins have been demonstrated in patients for Ixodes holocyclus (2), Ixodes ricinus (3, 4)Expand
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Selective hypersensitivity to boiled razor shell.
Many types of seafood require cooking before ingestion and it has been demonstrated that this cooking process may affect the antigenicity and allergenicity of the food. We describe a case ofExpand
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Diclofenac‐induced urticaria with aspirin tolerance
REFERENCES 1. Falleroni AE, Zeiss CR, Levitz D. Occupational asthma secondary to inhalation of garlic dust. J Allergy Clin Immunol 1981 ;68:156-60. 2. Lybarger JA, Gallagher JS, Pulver DW, Litwin A,Expand
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Delayed hypersensitivity to tetrazepam
air or washing hands with cold water (< 10°C) resulted in the rapid induction of urticarial lesions. After all three wasp stings, she had developed only a moderate local reaction to the sting.Expand
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Allergy to 4‐amino‐3‐nitrophenol in a hair dye
hepatitis B vaccine in formaldehyde-allergic patient. Lancet ii: 522–523. 5. Cosnes A, Flechet M-L, Revuz J. Inflammatory nodular reactions after hepatitis B vaccination due to aluminiumExpand
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