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Comparison of African swine fever virus prevalence and risk in two contrasting pig-farming systems in South-west and Central Kenya.
We describe a horizontal survey of African swine fever virus (ASFV) prevalence and risk factors associated with virus infection in domestic pigs in two contrasting production systems in Kenya. A freeExpand
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African Swine Fever Virus p72 Genotype IX in Domestic Pigs, Congo, 2009
African swine fever virus p72 genotype IX, associated with outbreaks in eastern Africa, is cocirculating in the Republic of the Congo with West African genotype I. Data suggest that viruses fromExpand
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Social network analysis provides insights into African swine fever epidemiology.
Pig movements play a significant role in the spread of economically important infectious diseases such as the African swine fever. Characterization of movement networks between pig farms and throughExpand
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Characterization of different types of high-performance THUNDER actuators
THUNDER technology introduces a versatile new family of rugged, robust, reliable piezoelectric actuators and sensors. Because of their pre-stressed composite structure, these powerful yet lightweightExpand
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Evaluation criteria for THUNDER actuators
THUNDERTM (thin-layer composite unimorph ferroelectric driver and sensor) represents a new class of piezoceramic- based actuators capable of generating significant displacements and forces inExpand
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The social structure of Arabian babbler, Turdoides squamiceps, roosts
Arabian babblers are cooperatively breeding birds living in groups, whose members defend group territories (Zahavi 1974). Babblers in a particular group typically roost huddled together in a linearExpand
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