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From Best Practice to Best Fit: A Framework for Designing and Analyzing Pluralistic Agricultural Advisory Services Worldwide
Abstract The article provides a conceptual framework and discusses research methods for analyzing pluralistic agricultural advisory services. The framework can also assist policy-makers inExpand
ICT in agriculture : connecting smallholders to knowledge, networks, and institutions
The livelihoods of the world's poor rise and fall with the fate of agriculture. Enhancing the ability of smallholders to connect with the knowledge, networks, and institutions necessary to improveExpand
How to Make Agricultural Extension Demand-Driven?: The Case of India’s Agricultural Extension Policy
"Many countries have recognized the need to revive agricultural advisory or extension services (the terms are used interchangeably here) as a means of using agriculture as an engine of pro-poorExpand
How innovative is your agriculture? Using innovation indicators and benchmarks to strengthen national agricultural innovation systems
This paper explores the application of the innovation systems framework to the design and construction of national agricultural innovation indicators. Optimally, these indicators could be used toExpand
What determines farmers’ resilience towards ENSO-related drought? An empirical assessment in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Crop production in the tropics is subject to considerable climate variability caused by the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon that is likely to become even more pronounced during theExpand
On the ‘Efficient Boundaries of the State’: The Contribution of Transaction-Costs Economics to the Analysis of Decentralization and Devolution in Natural Resource Management
Decentralization and devolution—also referred to as ‘rolling back the boundaries of the state’—are important policy trends in natural resource management. Drawing a parallel with theExpand
The Political Economy of Policies for Smallholder Agriculture
Summary As the experience of the 20th century has shown, implementing policies that increase agricultural productivity among smallholders is a particularly promising strategy to achieve pro-poorExpand
Sustainable agricultural intensification in forest frontier areas
The Lore Lindu region in Indonesia-as in many forest frontier areas in Southeast Asia-has experienced rapid deforestation due to agricultural expansion in the uplands, at the forest margins. This hasExpand
Relative importance and determinants of landowners’ transaction costs in collaborative wildlife management in Kenya: an empirical analysis
Abstract Collaborative management of protected areas—which involves state agencies, local communities and other stakeholders—has been identified as a promising approach of organising natureExpand
The private sector's role in agricultural extension systems: potential and limitations
Purpose - The poor performance of public agricultural extension systems in developing countries engendered interest in pluralistic concepts of extension involving a variety of service providers.Expand