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The IEEE Reliability Test System-1996. A report prepared by the Reliability Test System Task Force of the Application of Probability Methods Subcommittee
This report describes an enhanced test system (RTS-96) for use in bulk power system reliability evaluation studies. The value of the test system is that it will permit comparative and benchmarkExpand
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Reliability Assessment of Electric Power Systems Using Monte Carlo Methods
Introduction. Basic Concepts of Power System Reliability Evaluation. Elements of Monte Carlo Methods. Generating System Adequacy Assessment. Composite System Adequacy Assessment. Distribution SystemExpand
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A reliability test system for educational purposes-basic distribution system data and results
A description is presented of an electrical distribution system for use in teaching power system reliability evaluation. It includes all the main elements found in practical systems. However, it isExpand
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A Reliability Test System for Educational Purposes-Basic Data
The IEEE Subcommittee on the Application of Probability Methods (APM) published the IEEE Reliability Test System (RTS) [1] in 1979. This system provides a consistent and generally acceptable set ofExpand
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A test system for teaching overall power system reliability assessment
This paper presents the concept of overall power system reliability evaluation using an educational test system. The paper extends an existing test system by developing the necessary distribution andExpand
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A simplified wind power generation model for reliability evaluation
Renewable energy sources, especially wind turbine generators, are considered as important generation alternatives in electric power systems due to their nonexhausted nature and benign environmentalExpand
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Multistate Wind Energy Conversion System Models for Adequacy Assessment of Generating Systems Incorporating Wind Energy
Wind energy is considered to be a very promising alternative for power generation because of its tremendous environmental, social, and economic benefits. Electrical power generation from wind energyExpand
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Pseudo-chronological simulation for composite reliability analysis with time varying loads
This paper presents a new methodology to evaluate loss of load indices, with particular emphasis on LOLC (loss of load cost) assessment, for composite generation and transmission systems consideringExpand
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Optimal switching device placement in radial distribution systems
This paper presents a new formulation for power system sectionalizing device placement taking into consideration outage, maintenance and investments costs. The formulation of sectionalizing switchesExpand
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Long-Term Probabilistic Evaluation of Operating Reserve Requirements With Renewable Sources
This paper proposes a new methodology based on Monte Carlo chronological simulation to evaluate the operating reserve requirements of generating systems with large amounts of renewable energyExpand
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