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Electron nuclear triple resonance of free radicals in solution
Electron nuclear triple resonance (TRIPLE) experiments on free radicals in solution not only give considerable signal‐to‐noise improvement as compared to ENDOR, but also decrease the observedExpand
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Observation of deuterium quadrupole splittings of aromatic free radicals in liquid crystals by ENDOR and TRIPLE resonance
First measurements of deuterium quadrupole coupling constants of a polyatomic doublet state radical are reported. The quadrupole couplings were determined by ENDOR and electron–nuclear–nuclear TRIPLEExpand
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Fluorine and proton ENDOR of aromatic radicals in solution
Abstract Electron nuclear double resonance (ENDOR) experiments were performed on fluorinated benzophenone and semi-quinone anion radicals. By detecting both fluorine and proton ENDOR signals it wasExpand
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Endor investigation of the biphenyl and terphenyl anion radicals in solution
Abstract From the ENDOR spectra of the mononegative ions of biphenyl and ortho-, meta- and para-terphenyl in solution complete sets of hyperfine splitting constants could be determined. TheExpand
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Observation of quadrupole splittings of organic radicals in solution by endor in liquid crystals
Abstract Quadrupole splittings of organic nitroxide radicals in solution have been observed by ENDOR in a liquid crystal. The analysis of the line shifts yields e 2 q ′ 33 Q/h = −2.5 MHz. This resultExpand
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Assignment of hyperfine splittings in ENDOR-in-solution spectra by means of coherence effects
Abstract The nuclear-nuclear coherence effect in electron-nuclear double resonance (ENDOR) experiments is studied in the case of the perinaphthenyl radical in solution. It is shown that in certainExpand
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Endor studies of organic radicals in liquid crystals
Abstract In the liquid crystal “Phase IV” which exhibits its nematic range between 16 and 76 °C ENDOR spectra of perinaphthenyl and tri- t -butylphenoxyl radicals could be recorded. It isExpand
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Rubidium and proton ENDOR on ion pairs in solution
The E.S.R. spectrum of the o-dimesitoylbenzene anion-alkali cation radical shows unusually large isotropic alkali hyperfine splitting constants. We report a solution ENDOR study of this radical inExpand
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Sodium and proton ENDOR and triple-resonance experiments on biphenyl and fluorenone ion pairs in solution
Abstract ENDOR and triple-resonance spectra of fluorenone ketyl and biphenylide sodium ion pairs in ethereal solutions are reported. For the first time alkali metal cation resonance lines could beExpand
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