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New records of phytoplankton for Bangladesh. 7. Phacus spp.
Freshwater ponds at southern districts of Pirojpur and Barisal revealed the presence of 13 species of Phacus hitherto not reported from Bangladesh.
Antimicrobial Compounds from the Shoots of Arctotis Arctotoides
Three compounds of Arctotis arctotoides, a perennial herb used medicinally for the treatment of various ailments in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, showed antimicrobial activity against some bacterial species, which led to their isolation.
New records of phytoplankton for Bangladesh. 1. Cyanophyceae
The paper includes 16 taxa of blue-green algae (BGA) as new records for Bangladesh from some ponds belonging to Mathbaria of Pirojpur district and Bakerganj of Barisal district of Bangladesh.
Azolla microphylla Kaulf. (Salviniaceae): A new pteridophytic record for Bangladesh
A hydrobiological expedition carried out in a natural Haor located at the Baribari union under Itna upazila of Kishoreganj district in the northern part of Bangladesh, reporting a new record for Azolla microphylla Kaulf.
New records of freshwater Dinoflagellates from Bangladesh. I. Ceratium, Gymnodinium and Peridinium
Ten species of dinoflagellates from freshwater domestic ponds of Pirojpur and Barisal districts, Bangladesh, have been reported for the first time. The taxa are Ceratium hirundinella var. furcoides ,
New records of phytoplankton for Bangladesh. 2. Cryptophyceae and Synurophyceae
This study presents two species of Rhodomonas, four species of Chroomonas, six species of Cryptomonas and Cryptochrysis minor, Cyanomonas coeruleus, Chrysodidymus synuroideus and Mallomonas akrokomos from ponds of Mathbaria in Pirojpur and Bakerganj of Barisal district in Bangladesh.
This study presents 20 taxa of the genus Euglena and one species of the rare euglenoid genus Euglenocapsa . All these taxa are reported for the first time from some pond ecosystems of Mathbaria in
New records of phytoplankton for Bangladesh. 3. Volvocales
This study presents 21 species of Chlamydomonas, four species of Carteria, two species of each of Nephroselmis, Pyramidomonas and Scherffelia, and Collodictyon triciliatum from ponds of Mathbaria of Pirojpur and Bakerganj of Barisal districts in Bangladesh.
New records of phytoplankton for Bangladesh. 9. Some rare and a new species
Ten taxa belonging to Chlorophyceae, Cyanophycesae, BacillariophyceAE and EuglenophyCEae, and one with an uncertain taxonomic position have been described in this paper, and Strombomonas islamii Khondker sp.
Utricularia geminiscapa Benj. (Lentibulariaceae): A new angiospermic record for Bangladesh
Abstract not available Bangladesh J. Plant Taxon. 27(1): 191-194, 2020 (June)