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Optical properties of AlxGa1−x As
We report pseudodielectric function 〈e〉 data for AlxGa1−xAs alloys of target compositions x=0.00–0.80 in steps of 0.10 grown by liquid‐phase epitaxy and measured by spectroellipsometry. CleaningExpand
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Extreme selectivity in the lift‐off of epitaxial GaAs films
We have discovered conditions for the selective lift‐off of large area epitaxial AlxGa1−xAs films from the substrate wafers on which they were grown. A 500‐A‐thick AlAs release layer is selectivityExpand
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Nearly ideal electronic properties of sulfide coated GaAs surfaces
We have discovered that a class of inorganic sulfides [Li2S, (NH4)2S, Na2S⋅9H2O, etc.] imparts excellent electronic properties to GaAs surfaces. The surface recombination velocity at the interfaceExpand
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InP/GaAsSb/InP and InP/GaAsSb/InGaAsP double heterojunction bipolar transistors with a carbon‐doped base grown by organometallic chemical vapor deposition
InP/GaAsSb double heterojunction bipolar transistors (DHBTs) may be an attractive alternative to InP/InGaAs DHBTs, since estimates of the band alignment indicate that it is ideal for fabricatingExpand
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Lateral and longitudinal patterning of semiconductor structures by crystal growth on nonplanar and dielectric-masked GaAs substrates: application to thickness-modulated waveguide structures
Abstract Two methods which achieve both lateral and longitudinal patterning of semiconductor properties by organometallic chemical vapor deposition (OMCVD) are presented. Both approaches utilizeExpand
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Atomic layer epitaxy of device quality GaAs
Device quality GaAs was grown in a conventional organometallic chemical vapor deposition reactor, using sequential group III (trimethylgallium, TMG) and group V (arsine) reactant gas exposuresExpand
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Growth of high‐quality GaAs using trimethylgallium and diethylarsine
In this letter we report the growth of high‐quality gallium arsenide using trimethylgallium and diethylarsine. The epitaxial layers had excellent morphology, an n‐type background free‐carrierExpand
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Standing charge density waves driven by electron drift in patterned (Al, Ga)As/GaAs heterostructures
Abstract We have experimentally investigated the effect of electron drift on the plasma resonance of the 2-dimensional, (2-D), electron gas in submicron patterned (Al, Ga)As/GaAs heterostructures.Expand
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Deep-level characterization of AlxIn1−xAs layers grown by low pressure metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
Abstract In this study, non-intentionally doped Al x In 1−x As layers lattice matched to InP grown by low pressure metal/organic chemical vapor deposition have been characterized. We show theExpand
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Transport properties of two‐dimensional electron gas systems in delta‐doped Si:In0.53Ga0.47As grown by organometallic chemical vapor deposition
We have investigated the transport properties of a two‐dimensional electron gas formed in delta‐doped In0.53 Ga0.47 As grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition technique. Very highExpand
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