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Recovery of resting brain connectivity ensuing mild traumatic brain injury
Brains reveal amplified plasticity as they recover from an injury. We aimed to define time dependent plasticity changes in patients recovering from mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Twenty-fiveExpand
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Diffusion tensor imaging: tract based spatial statistics study in essential tremor.
INTRODUCTION Essential tremor (ET) is a common movement disorder with motor and non-motor symptoms. We aimed to investigate the neurodegenerative changes in the brain white matter of patients with ETExpand
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Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation induced modulations of resting state motor connectivity in writer's cramp
Writer's cramp (WC) is a focal task‐specific dystonia of the hand which is increasingly being accepted as a network disorder. Non‐invasive cortical stimulation using repetitive transcranial magneticExpand
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Decrease in Cerebral and Cerebellar Gray Matter in Essential Tremor: A Voxel‐Based Morphometric Analysis under 3T MRI
Though routine neuroimaging is usually normal in essential tremor (ET) there is clinical evidence of widespread involvement of central nervous system. This study aimed at determining morphologicalExpand
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Tumefactive demyelination: clinical, imaging and follow‐up observations in thirty‐nine patients
We describe the clinical, neuroimaging and pathological features and therapeutic outcome in a large cohort of 39 patients with tumefactive demyelination.
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Hyperemesis gravidarum induced Wernicke's encephalopathy: Serial clinical, electrophysiological and MR imaging observations
Wernicke's encephalopathy (W.E.), a potentially reversible condition caused by thiamine deficiency, is usually suspected in the setting of chronic alcoholism and might not be recognized whenExpand
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Eating epilepsy: Phenotype, MRI, SPECT and video-EEG observations
BACKGROUND Eating epilepsy is one of the rare forms of reflex epilepsy precipitated by eating. Previous studies have demonstrated lesions due to variable aetiology involving the temporolimbic andExpand
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Neurosyphilis: MRI features and their phenotypic correlation in a cohort of 35 patients from a tertiary care university hospital
IntroductionThe clinical and MR imaging features of neurosyphilis are highly varied. In this study, we describe the spectrum of the imaging findings in patients with neurosyphilis.MethodsThe MRExpand
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Temporal Dynamics of the Default Mode Network Characterize Meditation-Induced Alterations in Consciousness
Current research suggests that human consciousness is associated with complex, synchronous interactions between multiple cortical networks. In particular, the default mode network (DMN) of theExpand
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Electro-clinical features and magnetic resonance imaging correlates in Menkes disease
BACKGROUND Epilepsy is an early and important feature in Menkes disease (MD), an X-linked recessive neurodegenerative disorder of childhood with defect in copper metabolism. There are only fewExpand
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