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Local energy markets: Concept, design and operation
The overall goal of the electricity market is to provide electricity in an efficient way while meeting the demands of the consumers. The competition and regulations are the different way to achieveExpand
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Wind Power Scenario Generation and Reduction in Stochastic Programming Framework
Abstract Wind power trading in pool-based electricity markets is a decision-making problem and is generally modeled using a multi-stage stochastic programming approach because of the implicitExpand
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Extreme Nash equilibrium of polymatrix games in electricity market
Game theoretical approaches are widely used for the analysis of oligopolistic electricity markets. Nash equilibrium is a solution concept of game theoretical approaches. Due to existence of mixedExpand
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Demand Side Contributions for System Inertia in the GB Power System
As the penetration of intermittent, low carbon generation increases, system inertia will decrease dramatically and pose a major threat to system stability. The majority of research in this areaExpand
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GenCo's optimal power portfolio selection under emission price risk
Carbon markets are a world-wide accepted market mechanism to promote emission reduction. Increasing stress on emission reduction from the power industry has led to a shift in the market mechanism,Expand
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Profit maximization of a generation company based on Biogeography based Optimization
In a deregulated electricity market, generating companies aim to maximize their profit, by bidding optimally in the day-ahead market, under incomplete information of the competing generators. Expand
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State of art of the regulatory process in India
With a desire to reform the power sector, the Government of India, vide the Electricity Regulatory Commissions Act 1998 and the Electricity Act 2003, have provided for the establishment of regulatoryExpand
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Payment cost minimization auction in electricity markets
In deregulated electricity markets, offer cost minimization auction is used to minimize the total bid cost for selecting offer and demand bids. But a uniform market clearing price (MCP) is used forExpand
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Strategic bidding for wind power producers in electricity markets
In evolving electricity markets, wind power producers (WPPs) would increase their profit through strategic bidding. However, generated power by WPPs is highly random, which may result into heavyExpand
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Total Lipids and Fatty Acid Profile of Different Spirulina Strains as Affected By Salinity and Incubation Time
Three Spirulina strains which were able to withstand salt stress were evaluated for lipid accumulation and fatty acid profile under different salinity levels and incubation period. Presence of saltExpand
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