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The role of science diplomacy: a historical development and international legal framework of arctic research stations under conditions of climate change, post-cold war geopolitics and
The Arctic is undergoing transformation, where three important drivers are climate change, post-Cold War geopolitics and globalization/power transition from the rise of China. This transformationExpand
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The Drivers of Chinese Arctic Interests: Political Stability and Energy and Transportation Security
China’s interest in the Arctic is not usually discussed thoroughly in its context of the core interests of the Chinese Communist Party: political stability, territorial integrity and economic growth.Expand
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Bioenergy Potential of Russia: Method of Evaluating Costs
Paper proposes the method of evaluating costs for bioenergy supply in Russia based on energy analysis. The main deterrent factor is not as much limited resources as the marginal cost of productionExpand
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The Challenges & Opportunities for Arctic Microstates in Developing an Energy Sector: The Role of Human Capital and Knowledge Institutes
Like many Arctic states, Iceland and the Faroe Islands used to be the resource-based economies which Greenland is today. Remotely located in relation to the World economy, Iceland and the FaroeExpand
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Spatial issues in Arctic marine resource governance workshop summary and comment
The rapidly changing Arctic marine ecosystems face new challenges and opportunities that are increasing and shifting governance needs in the region. A group of economists, ecologists, biologists,Expand
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Human capital development and a Social License to Operate: Examples from Arctic energy development in the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland
The Arctic region is opening up due to climate change, causing sea ice extend and snow cover to decrease. Over the past decade economic activities, including fisheries, shipping, oil & gas, miningExpand
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Networks around entrepreneurs: gendering in China and countries around the Persian Gulf
Entrepreneurs are networking with others to get advice for their businesses. The networking differs between men and women; notably, men are more often networking for advice in the public sphere andExpand
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