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MIKE: A Double Echelle Spectrograph for the Magellan Telescopes at Las Campanas Observatory
The Magellan Inamori Kyocera Echelle (MIKE) is a double echelle spectrograph designed for use at the Magellan Telescopes at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. It is currently in the final stages of
The PRIsm MUlti-object Survey (PRIMUS). I. Survey Overview and Characteristics
We present the PRIsm MUlti-object Survey (PRIMUS), a spectroscopic faint galaxy redshift survey to z ~ 1. PRIMUS uses a low-dispersion prism and slitmasks to observe ~2500 objects at once in a 0.18
Light curves of the neutron star merger GW170817/SSS17a: Implications for r-process nucleosynthesis
The late-time light curve indicates that SSS17a produced at least ~0.05 solar masses of heavy elements, demonstrating that neutron star mergers play a role in rapid neutron capture (r-process) nucleosynthesis in the universe.
FIRE: A Facility Class Near-Infrared Echelle Spectrometer for the Magellan Telescopes
ABSTRACT.We describe the design, construction, and commissioning of FIRE, a 0.82–2.51 μμm echelle spectrograph for the 6.5 m Magellan Baade telescope. FIRE may be operated in two modes. Its primary
Eight new Milky Way companions discovered in first-year Dark Energy Survey data
We report the discovery of eight new Milky Way companions in ~1,800 deg^2 of optical imaging data collected during the first year of the Dark Energy Survey (DES). Each system is identified as a
Exploring Halo Substructure with Giant Stars. XI. The Tidal Tails of the Carina Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy and the Discovery of Magellanic Cloud Stars in the Carina Foreground
A new large-area Washington M, T2+DDO51 filter survey of more than 10 deg2 around the Carina dSph galaxy reveals a spectroscopically confirmed power-law radial density "break" population of Carina
Internal Kinematics of the Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
We present new radial velocity results for 176 stars in the Fornax dwarf spheroidal galaxy, of which at least 156 are probable Fornax members. We combine with previously published data to obtain a
The Dark Energy Camera is a new imager with a 2.2-degree diameter field of view mounted at the prime focus of the Victor M. Blanco 4-meter telescope on Cerro Tololo near La Serena, Chile. The camera
The PRIsm MUlti-object Survey (PRIMUS) is a spectroscopic galaxy redshift survey to z ~ 1 completed with a low-dispersion prism and slitmasks allowing for simultaneous observations of ~2500 objects
Searching for Dark Matter Annihilation in Recently Discovered Milky Way Satellites with Fermi-LAT
We search for excess gamma-ray emission coincident with the positions of confirmed and candidate Milky Way satellite galaxies using six years of data from the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT). Our