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Particle Deposition in a Multiple-Path Model of the Human Lung
Predicting the amount of particle deposition in the human lung following exposure to airborne particulate matter is the first step toward evaluating risks associated with exposure to airborneExpand
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Experience Management: Foundations, Development Methodology, and Internet-Based Applications
1. Introduction.- 2. Experience Management.- 3. Representing Experience.- 4. Assessing Experience Utility.- 5. Representing Knowledge for Adaptation.- 6. User Communication.- 7. ExperienceExpand
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Write Strategies for 2 and 4-bit Multi-Level Phase-Change Memory
We discuss novel multi-level write algorithms for phase change memory which produce highly optimized resistance distributions in a minimum number of program cycles. Expand
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The release of gentamicin from polymethylmethacrylate beads. An experimental and pharmacokinetic study.
Gentamicin incorporated in beads of polymethylmethacrylate has been shown capable of being released over a period of several months in concentrations sufficiently high to control most pathogens. TheExpand
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Similarity assessment and efficient retrieval of semantic workflows
In the recent years, the use of workflows has significantly expanded from its original domain of business processes towards new areas. Expand
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Similarity Measures for Object-Oriented Case Representations
This paper provides a framework for object similarities that allow to compare objects of different classes while considering the knowledge contained in the class hierarchy itself. Expand
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Experience Management
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  • 2002
CASUEL represents domain objects in a class hierarchy using inheritance and slots to describe the attributes of these domain objects. Expand
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Representation in case-based reasoning
A case in case-based reasoning is a contextualized piece of experience, which can be represented in various forms. Expand
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Towards a New Formal Model of Transformational Adaptation in Case-Based Reasoning
We propose a formal model of transformational adaptation based on the notion of the quality of a solution to a problem and a semantics for adaptation knowledge. Expand
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Building and Refining Abstract Planning Cases by Change of Representation Language
We have developed a new abstraction methodology and a related sound and complete learning algorithm that allows the complete change of representation language of planning cases from concrete to abstract. Expand
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