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TUIO: A Protocol for Table-Top Tangible User Interfaces
In this article we present Tuio, a simple yet versatile protocol designed specifically to meet the requirements of table-top tangible user interfaces. Expand
reacTIVision: a computer-vision framework for table-based tangible interaction
This article provides an introductory overview to first-time users of the reacTIVision framework -- an open-source cross-platform computer-vision framework primarily designed for the construction of table-based tangible user interfaces. Expand
The reacTable
This paper describes the reacTable*, a novel multi-user electro-acoustic music instrument with a tabletop tangible user interface, which is being developed at the MTG in Barcelona. Expand
Improved Topological Fiducial Tracking in the reacTIVision System
This paper describes reacTIVision: a camera based two dimensional fiducial (marker) tracking system developed for the reacTable*, a table based tangible musical instrument. Expand
The Metasurface: Applying Natural Neighbour Interpolation to Two-to-Many Mapping
This report describes The Metasurface - a mapping interface supporting interactive design of two-to-many mappings through the placement and interpolation of parameter snapshots on a plane. Expand
PortAudio - an Open Source Cross Platform Audio API
PortAudio provides a platform neutral interface to realtime audio streaming services in the form of a 'C' language API for audio input and output. Expand
The Design and Evolution of Fiducials for the reacTIVision System
We co-designed the computer vision system and markers, applying evolutionary computation to minimise marker size while meeting geometric constraints required to efficiently compute the location and 2D orientation of the markers. Expand
Oasis Rose the Composition - Real-time DSP with AudioMulch
Oasis Rose is a composition incorporating live instrumentalists and real-time signal processing. The work makes use of algorithmically controlled non-linear signal processing techniques whileExpand
PortAudio and Media Synchronisation-It ' s All in the Timing
PortAudio is an open source 'C' language API and library for implementing cross-platform real-time audio applications. This paper describes recent additions to the PortAudio API designed to assist inExpand
Implementing Real-Time Granular Synthesis
This article describes a flexible architecture for Real-Time Granular Synthesis that accommodates a number of Granular Synthesis variants including Tapped Delay Line, Stored Sample and Synthetic Grain Granular synthesis in both Pitch Synchronous and Asynchronous forms. Expand